The Independent Pharmacy

  The Independent Pharmacy is an Online Pharmacy (or Online Chemist/Online Doctor depending on your preferred terminology!) that is run by a team of experienced healthcare professionals based in Bristol, UK. It is owned and operated by two UK pharmacists, Andy Boysan & Scott McDougall, who founded and run The Independent Pharmacy based on years of industry experience. Through our

Propaganda Vape Pink E Liquid Line

  Vape Pink is a fine line of three e juices from our friends at Propaganda Premium E- Liquid.  They were founded in March of the year 2014 with a couple hundred bucks and a very distinct vision to rise up as one of the top selling e juice companies in this little vape industry.  One of their co founders, spent

ZeroWater Dispenser Review

ZeroWater removes 99.6% of all total dissolved solids based on EPA certified lab tests, measuring 000 ppm on a digital water meter. I received the 30 Cup Ready Pour dispenser at no cost in exchange for an honest review. My Review I am very particular about my water I drink. I only use certain brands of bottled water because I

Wham-O Frisbee Sonic Review

  With more than 70 years of cultural and commercial significance, and with a lineup of consumer products that appeal to people of all ages, the Wham-O® brand remains synonymous with fun, play and sport. We manufacture and market some of the most recognizable consumer brands in the world today, from classics like Frisbee® discs, Slip ’N Slide® water slides,

MemoVase Review

  We create unique products for the home and gift industry. Our ideas always make a splash: they are vivid, distinctive and attract attention. I received a MemoVase at no cost in exchange for an honest review. My Review The MemoVase puts a cute and original spin on a traditional gift idea. I love to add little decorations and personal

Dr. Loo’s Harmony Patches Review

Dr. Loo’s Harmony Patches™ are safe, effective, gentle, innovative and reliable remedies for common, universal symptoms, including coughs, colds, colic, reflux, gas, heartburn, and itchy rashes. The patches are made in America in an FDA-approved facility using USDA organic ingredients. Easy to use, these non-invasive transdermal patches can benefit all age groups, from infants to the elderly. I received a

Best Trail Camera Features to Look for When Buying

  You may be looking to purchase your first trail camera, or you are trying to find the best alternative for the one you already have. Either way, you should be careful about picking the best one for your personal desire. This article will touch on a few of the most important feature you need to check for when buying

What is ONNIT and Coupon Code

  The essential mission of ONNIT is to make unique products that will help athletes and normal people alike in reaching their best body goals. With the creation of Alpha Brain in 2011, ONNIT became known as being the source for the best fitness products on the market. Since they used the input of professional athletes, medical professional, and feedback

Wine Fridge Buying Tips

  Wine Fridge Buying Tips If you love drinking wine but cannot buy a wine basement due to a lack of resources, then you next best option is to buy a wine chiller instead. These are otherwise called wine iceboxes or wine coolers, have been growing in popularity amongst Americans who like drinking more reds, whites, and rose wine. This

Moving In? 4 Tips For New Homeowners

Pexels Moving into a new property is an extremely exciting time for all involved, but it can be a little stressful. In this stress, you can often forget a few things that are important to set up in the first few weeks. We’re going to assume you have already booked for your energy tariffs to be replaced, that you have