Oregon Scientific Smart Globe Review

    Smart Living – embracing innovations that help you live smarter, so you can be happier, healthier and more productive. In the flurry of modern life, the search for richer, fuller experiences may be stymied by the incredible amount of stimuli we receive every day. At Oregon Scientific, we believe life should be lived smarter, not harder. Founded in 1989 in

How To Survive A Family Road Trip

  https://www.pexels.com/photo/asphalt-cloud-color-dawn-561201/ At different times in your life, you may find that you go on a road trip. Sometimes, this can be in your youth with friends or your significant others, and at other times, it can be as an adult with your entire family in tow. While the former signifies fun and freedom, the latter can often invoke fear

Gideon Shiatsu Massaging Cushion Review

  MASSAGING NODES MOVE UP & DOWN – The Gideon Shiatsu Massaging Cushion features four Shiatsu (4) Massaging nodes that travel up and down, massaging the entire back. Select a full back massage, lower back or upper back. Features optional heat therapy, radiating gentle warmth, to help you unwind from a stressful day. ADJUSTABLE SPOT FOCUS MASSAGING – The moving

Headline T-Shirt Review

Headline has been making intelligently funny tees and apparel from San Francisco since 2004. Headline lives to make people laugh and have fun and enjoy satire that parallel with what is making the “headlines” within the news. The apparel company is dead serious about the quality of their products. Everything Headline makes, from t-shirts to onesies to socks to hats,

Winc Wine Club Review

Winc is not your traditional wine club: we are a direct-distribution global wine company that personalizes the entire wine experience – We are perfecting how wine is made, distributed, perceived and purchased via our Palate Profile quiz that recommends wine based on your unique tastes and I’ll add enjoyed on behalf of a new generation of wine drinkers. It takes

Black Note E-Liquid

Patiently crafted in small batches using distinct blends of real tobacco leaves, with no artificial colors, flavors or chemical additives, Black Note is Naturally Extracted Tobacco Vapor Liquid at its finest. *Offers a Tobacco-Only Liquid Line-Up, appealing to adult cigarette smokers/vapers, and no one else. *Does not include any synthetic flavors, colors, dyes, or chemical additives. *Does not include any

Getting Out Of Debt Is Never Impossible

Debt is something that we’ll all experience at some point in our lives. When you think about it, it seems crazy but owing loads of money is just a part of life that we accept these days. The problem is getting worse all of the time and the average amount of debt in the UK is £13,000 per household. That’s

A New Place To Reside? Here Is Your Guide

As the commercial air travel becomes more and more affordable, the world is becoming a much smaller place. In a matter of hours, you can travel halfway around the world, passing over countries which you’ve never been to before. Of course, this sort of feat has only been possible for a hundred years or so and has sparked some big

Cold Outside But Cozy In

Image source As seems to happen every year, the novelty of fall has come and gone. The fun that is kicking crispy leaves into the air, getting to layer up on your fashion and drink overpriced pumpkin spiced lattes has all but vanished and we are left staring out the window at the colder weather, shorter days, and the hours

Glider Gloves Review

Glider Gloves are the ultimate texting glove for any Smart Phone or touchscreen devices. Glider Gloves are made from special conductive fibers that keep your hands warm while having access to text, by touching any part of the glove to the phone surface.   My Review I love these Glider Gloves. I am one of those annoying people who has their