The Very Best Ways to Save Money

  Saving money is difficult. In fact, it’s thought that 80% of us have at least some debt, with many of us struggling to pay these off and barely covering our regular monthly expenses. But, saving is important. Now we are living for longer, and having many more years ahead of us when we finish working, it’s imperative that we

Mind Stretcher Puzzle Books Review

    Get a full-brain workout with a new collection EVEN MORE mind stretching puzzles Now in its second volume this beloved series offers more teasers all designed to inspire and stimulate the mind. Switch off the TV, put down the phone and embrace Mind Stretchers—you’ll be entertained, learn new things, wake up your brain and it’s definitely more fun

LetterHeads Review

  Stefan G Bucher’s LetterHeads is a graphic design book for creatives of literally any age, celebrating diversity and inspired by the people of the artist’s hometown of Los Angeles. Infused with unique personalities, surrounded by playful vocabulary and an intriguing color palette, the letters reflect just how alive language truly is. The use of ground-breaking 3D technology acts as

Taste of Elegance Gift Basket Review

For over a decade, our family has shared our love of gourmet foods with others around the world by creating award-winning, handcrafted gift baskets. I received the Taste of Elegance Gift Tower at no cost in exchange for an honest review. My Review The holidays were a very busy and hectic time! I stressed myself out running around trying to

Broadway Play Reviews

  People who love to travel and see incredible cities have a lot of choices, but the fact is there is no city in the United States (or the world, really) that can rival New York for its vitality and the wealth of its many attractions. New York has long been a place that attracts the finest in every aspect

A Beginner’s Guide To Scroll Saws

A scroll saw is really a nice and a cool power tool to have for young woodworking students. You can cut varieties of delicate patterns with a scroll saw, it is fairly easy and safe to use (even small children can use it with a bit of training and given they are observing the basic precautions) and beginners in the

The Sherlock Holmes and Lucy James Mystery Series

    Since Sherlock Holmes first appeared in print in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s 1887 novel A Study in Scarlet, the fictional detective has gone on to become one of the most beloved and iconic pop culture characters of all time, spawning thousands of stage and radio plays, television shows, films, and books. Now, father-daughter author duo Charles Veley and

Shoplet Gojo Products Review

Everything you need for your business can be found on From hand sanitizers and hand soaps to office chairs and office desks, you’ll find it here! Our specialty stores include, discount Office Supplies, Computer Hardware and Peripherals, Office Furniture, Ink and Toner Supplies, Cleaning and Maintenance Equipment, and Paper. Shoplet offers one of the largest selections of Green office

Tips On Designing An Industrial Style Office

  Industrial design is a careful balance of seemingly contrasting elements. It’s the only décor style where you can get away with pairing exposed brick with soft colors and fabrics, or organic features with engineered ones. It’s a beautiful combination of the masculine and the feminine, the yin and the yang, and while this romantic notion of this popular décor

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Car Hire Business?

  Planning to start a car hire company? Well, before you even start one better consider a number of important factors and see how much you would be spending before you expect to earn. Check your local government Every town has their own regulations that apply to the line of business you want which you should research first in order