King Kanine Review & Coupon Code – CBD Oil For Dogs

King Kanine Review & Coupon Code  CBD Oil For Dogs

In this modern era, where people are always racing against time, there are many who still look for organic and natural products for use. Whether it is in the form of health supplements or medicines or even vegetables and fruits, avoiding chemically made or treated products is the mantra that every person seems to follow. This trend is also seen in pet owners when they look for food products for their cats and dogs or even medicines. This is one of the primary reasons behind the growing popularity of CBD oil and CBD infused food products.

About King Kanine

One of the primary aims of King Kanine is to revolutionize the alternate treatment option for pets with the help of their pioneering concepts. They treat pets both in and out, which also happens to be their tagline. This is done with the help of their products. The company started off with dog combs. The idea came in the founder’s mind after he witnessed massive shedding from his Great Dane. All the products made by King Kanine are organic and naturally made. It sells its flagship King Komb in 41 different countries all across the globe.

Apart from the King Komb, King Kanine also manufactures pet shampoos, which is organic and contains six different important and natural ingredients. They have their own pharmacist formulated CBD products for dogs and cats. These products contain Omega-3 krill oil and lavender that provide a soothing effect. The CBD infused products by King Kanine are metal and THC free.

Products Offered By King Kanine

There are a large variety of products manufactured by King Kanine. All the products are aimed at pets of different types, mainly cats and dogs. Some of the popular products have been discussed below.

• King Klean Shampoo: This pet shampoo is organic in nature and contains 6 different ingredients such as jojoba oil, coconut oil, rosemary oil, olive oil, organic aloe vera, and lemongrass. The formula used to make this shampoo makes it extremely delicate and it easily washes off with water. Your dog will smell great and the texture of the coat will also become soft.

• King Komb: As discussed above, King Kanine started off its business with King Komb, which has its own proprietary self-cleaning retraction feature. This allows the comb to de-shed your pet without making a big mess. The rubber bristles massages your dog and also provides a dermal stimulation. As a result of this, your dog enjoys a healthier and cleaner coat.

• King Kalm: This is a CBD infused product especially made for dogs. It is available in different sizes of 75mg, 150mg, and 300mg. your choice of size depends on the size of your pet and the size of the dosage you need to give your dog. This productcontains Omega-3 krill oil along with CBD that makes it a superfood for dogs. The formula used in the making of this food product enables it to be absorbed in your dog’s body as soon as possible.

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