GoTrax Hoverboard Reviews


GOTRAX is on a mission to shift imaginations and the possibilities for personal transportation into hyperdrive. As of 2017, GOTRAX is dispatching electric rideables across the galaxy.

*We received a GoTrax ION Hoverboard at no cost in exchange for an honest review.


I will admit I have been trying to hold out as long as possible on letting my boys get a hover board. I’m that worried mom that’s always worried about what injury or boo boo is coming next. When I got the opportunity to review with GoTrax I ran out of excuses lol.

My boys are so active and so competitive so I knew the day we got this was going to be a bit wild. The hover board is really sturdy and heavy, so this unit will stand up to a lot of use and hold a good bit of weight. The on, off, and balancing operations are very easy to understand and makes using the hover board easy and fun. This model moves at a pretty good clip when it gets going as well, so that safety warning about helmets and knee and elbow pads is well warranted.

The battery lasts quite a while on one charge so there’s time for everyone to have their turn and have fun before having to recharge it. The lights on the back let you know when it’s balanced, when it’s low on battery, and when it needs to be charged again.

I was a little worried about this, but now that we’ve had it and I’ve seen how they work and see how much fun my boys have using this I’m a fan!


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