4 Tips to Brightening Your Home

4 Tips to Brightening Your Home

With the piles of elegant, bright homes on Pinterest, it is easy to take a look around your own house and wonder why it doesn’t compare. You can be more than grateful to find some ideas on how to change this. Fortunately, any smart homeowner can look past a lackluster dark room and see numerous ways of illuminating it.

If you have dim rooms in your home, there are several tricks you can utilize to brighten these spaces up right away. To make things better, you don’t have to spend a fortune to do this. Applying some simple ideas such as changing color and lighting can make a huge difference. Here are four major tips to brightening your home.

Top 4 Ways to Making Your Home Brighter

1.        Paint with Brighter Colors

This is probably one of the most patent, yet important, ways of brightening up your home. At the same time, it is very affordable. The reason why your room is dim could be due to a dark-colored paint. If this is the case, then the color is giving your space an overall dark feel.

A different paint color can completely transform your home. Light grey or white colors can brighten up your room greatly. A brighter color can do amazing things to your décor. The good thing with painting is that you can choose to paint even one wall and you’ll see the difference. This is great for you if you’re having problems changing the color of your choice.

2.        Avoid Using Heavy Fabrics

One of the reasons for having a dark room is the inability to make the most of your natural light. Often, a look at your window treatments could be all you need to transform your home. Replace those heavy sun-blocking drapes with stylish and updated white blinds or sheers and you’ll see the difference.

This approach could be even better than paint if you don’t have the expertise to deal with the messy paintwork. It can also be quite easy and inexpensive if you do proper research and choose to do-it-yourself. Just add shades behind for night privacy if you’re using sheers.

3.        Add Some Mirrors

Mirrors are great for home decors. They not only make rooms appear larger but also reflect incoming light if you place them across from illuminants such as windows. Add a large mirror or two into your dim room and see if there’ll not be a change. Double the light!

4.        Be Clean!

It is likely that your home needs cleaning more than anything else for it to appear brighter. Move the couch and vacuum the dust bunnies, wipe the baseboards down, and scrub the refrigerator. Above all clean your dingy windows and scuff-marked walls to allow in light and let it reflect properly. This is a natural way of brightening up your home. 


Brightening up your home is simpler than you think. Such things as cleaning your windows and walls and placing a large mirror in the right place can make a huge difference. You could also choose to paint with bright colors and use light window treatments. Choose to get a bright home today.


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