8 Brilliant Strategies That Reinvent The Vibe Of Washrooms


The washroom is an important part of residential homes, hotels, educational institutes, restaurants, airports and multiplexes. Washrooms must necessarily look clean and well maintained.  A properly designed washroom makes residents in homes and employees in workplaces feel at comfort. While renting a suite or apartment, visitors stress upon a neat washroom, so that they feel relaxed during their holiday trip. For all such reasons, designing washrooms is a significant aspect of overall design or home improvement projects. Many new trends are entering the realm of beautiful washroom décor. However, the vibe in washrooms can be reinvented quite simply by following 8 intelligent strategies.

1. Decorating with advanced designer showers and bathtubs

You can make your washroom more visually pleasing with the inclusion of sophisticated bathroom accessories like designer showers. You can ornament your private space with luxurious walk in showers. You can order designer stone shower trays by contacting designer shower tray specialist or through online shopping. You can also visit a store to have a look for a list of options and select the best. Use simplistic textiles for your washroom.

Make your washroom vibrant with a bathtub for bathing luxury. Choose bathtub size according to space available and your personal preferences. Select a color that matches the walls, floor, sanitary-ware or bathroom accessories. Near the topside of your bathtub, you can have potted artificial plants.

2. Implementing sustainable or eco-friendly ideas

If you remake your bathroom with a touch of sustainability, you can give it an elegant eco-friendly feel. One of such ideas is to make your washroom a place for naturopathy or natural care. For instance, you can use herbal soaps and other products in your washroom. You can even handcraft luxury soaps or face wash liquids for yourself or your family. You can apply neem or hibiscus for making personal care products.You can have artificial walls made out of fake grasses in the background. The sight of the color green magically improves vision. Have windows and ventilators at the right places in your washroom, to maximize inflow of natural daylight. You can place artificial topiary or green plants on window sills.

Another energy saving idea is the installation of Piezo Shower. The internal circuitry of a Piezo shower has piezoelectric nano-wires that convert water energy into usable electricity, which is used for water heating purpose.Thesystem also enables water savings with the aid of a touchscreen controller.

3. Shower curtains

Can your washroom make you feel connected to nature? Yes, of course, if you apply a simple technique. Dress your washroom with beautiful curtains such as blush pink shower curtains. Else you can get different colors like peach or light purple for your washroom. With such decorative inputs, you can provide your washroom a spring-like feel.

4. Tile designs

Tiles capture your observation and thoughts, as you take a bath. So never ignore the importance of tile designs or templates. Personalize your space with designs or colorcombinations of your choice. You can opt for patterned tileshaving dark elements.

5. Having decorated shelves and cabinets inside.

You can have shelves and cabinets for aesthetic and functional purposes in your washroom. You can decorate the shelves with artificial plants or artificial topiary. There are many indoor hanging plants you can choose from. You can put some natural items like stones or pebbles, near the foliage to provide a more realistic look to the picture. Cabinets in your washrooms help to keep your luxurious bath products in an organised manner.

6.Artificial landscaping

You can try some cool artificial landscaping ideas for your washroom. You can decorate the top surface of the washbasinwith fake hedges. While selecting fake foliage or fake grass for washrooms, clients must ensure that they are durable or maintenance free. In addition, they must have inbuilt fire retardant characteristics. These must also be stable to ultraviolet light. The presence of such resilient elements makes your washroom protected against fire hazards. You can use hedge mats on the floor to absorb moisture from wet feet.

Grass rolls can be installed quite easily on walls. Green walls can make your washroom look exotic. You can also decorate your bathroom walls or surfaces with artificial boxwood. You can create a garden like theme with a fusion of greenish tiles and artificial landscaping elements. Else you can embellish your washroom setting with some nice artificial topiary.

7. Design modifications

With a few design innovations, you can re-engineer your washroom and its purpose. It is important to only moisture resistant tiles for your bathroom floors and walls. Such tiles stay new and retain original color for a long period, reducing maintenance or renovation requirements. Have curtains to cover your windows. Personalize the space by choosing curtains of your choice.

Washrooms must be large with adequate clearance. There should be mirrors near basins. You can decorate washroom walls with wall art. Else one can also cover the walls with artificial grass. You can use designer lights for night time use with color changing facility to bring in more interesting vibes to your washroom.

8. Bathroom fittings and sanitary-ware

Choose fittings such as faucets and sanitary ware carefully. Faucets must be of good quality and durable. Stainless steel bathroom fittings are available in interesting patterns. These add a touch of sophistication to a point of privacy. Ensure that your sanitary-wares are durable and can withstand heavy usage. Any technical fault can lead to an unwanted situation for the resident or visitor. Get the inside fittings checked for repair or maintenance frequently.

The washroom is not just a part of your daily routine, but a place for calming and relaxing. A healthy bath in a place of privacy makes you prepared for upcoming challenges. You can transform your washroom to a place of luxury with just a few simple strategies. You can beautify your washroom with elegant looking bathtubs and showers. You can get a nicedesigner or patterned tiles to provide a meaning to space. You can reengineer your washroom using moisture resistant wall and floor tiles. You can beautify the space with artificial landscaping elements. You can have robust bathroom fittings which stay new over time.

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