5 Family Activities for Long Winter Nights


The snowy and cold weather during winter is a perfect time to bond with family. Most of us tend to have a limit on activities because of the state of the weather. You should not limit your fun to only the summer months when the sun is up and the weather is friendly. There is a series of activities that you can engage with your family to create memories and have a good time. They include both indoors and outdoors activities. Here is a list of activities that we believe would be interesting for you and your family during the long winter nights:

1)        Star Gazing

Spotting a star with your family over a late night barbeque grill and some drinks can be interesting. You not only get to identify the different types of stars but also catch up. It is not an activity that some people would enjoy, but there is a deep relaxation that comes with nature and all its elements. You can get help online finding a star if you are not all that lucky by yourself. Star maps are essential for the activity.

2)        Movie Nights

You can opt for indoor or outdoor movie night. Most people will opt for a cozy movie night away from all the cold and the darkness. You can get some snacks such as popcorn, finger snacks, peanuts, smoothies or order some takeout and enjoy a movie with your family. You can select one day in a week and the movie you are all likely to enjoy. It will also give you a chance to check up on how their week has been. You could also exploit this chance for some nice catch-up.

3)        Happy Hour

It is okay to catch up and laugh with your family over a few drinks. This is ideal after a busy week. We all need to unwind and relax. Try out new joints and make memories. You do not have to go home early only to get bored alone with all the cold and long night ahead.

4)        Play Games

Nowadays, staying indoors does not have to be boring anymore. Various indoor board games have been invented to help us build our intelligence and interact with others. There are several board games that you can choose from in the market. You can make the game interesting by setting some targets and fines for the team that loses. These games can be played over a few drinks making it even more interesting. You can request members to buy different board games so that it does not become monotonous.

5)        Try Out New Recipes

You can invite a few members over to try out a new recipe together over a glass of wine or beer. Try baking lessons from online recipes as you bond and catch up. You can organize for what everyone will bring and handle during the cookout for coordination and ensuring that no one is left out. It is a perfect getaway plan for the girls in the family during a cold winter night.

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