Propaganda Vape Pink E Liquid Line


Vape Pink is a fine line of three e juices from our friends at Propaganda Premium E- Liquid.  They were founded in March of the year 2014 with a couple hundred bucks and a very distinct vision to rise up as one of the top selling e juice companies in this little vape industry.  One of their co founders, spent countless hours on research and development to come up with the best of breed flavors that used just the right amount of high quality ingredients to create an all day vape.  That same co founder, Nicholas DeNuccio, four years later has a industry wide known name, great products, and a has made a lasting impression on the industry.  According to their site, they have 25 staff, four lines (including Vape Pink) that feature 15 flavors and 2 million units sold.

Lets look closer at the juices in the Vape Pink Line

Cookie Butter:  Propaganda E Liquid Vape Pink Cookie Butter is an oatmeal cookie e liquid that features prominent notes of sweetened milk and brown sugar along with a delicious base of oats.  If you love oatmeal cookies, this is the juice for you.  This juice comes in a 60 ML gorilla chubby and the label is an iconic pink label.  A nice touch to the packaging is a box which encloses the bottle.  The PG VG ratio is 50/50 for an even keel flavor explosion and vapor clouds.  There is also 4 nicotine levels to suit your fancy.  For those trying to come down from cigarettes, the 12 MG may be the best.  For those starting out, 0 MG could be useful.  But of course, 3 MG and 6 MG are the top sellers.

Swirl:  Propaganda E Liquid Vape Pink Swirl is just what it sounds like; a frozen dessert that is a swirly mixture of a rainbow sherbet and ice cream.  A perfect mixture of tarty sherbet coupled with the creamy delicious of real ice cream.  Like the Cookie Butter, Swirl also come in a 60 ML gorilla chubby and the label is an iconic pink.  The PG VG ratio is 30/70 for heavy cloud production with a lighter throat hit.  There is also 4 nicotine levels with the juice coming in 0, 3, 6, and 12 MG.

Pink Chew:  Propaganda E Liquid Vape Pink Chew is a really simple but satisfying pink taffy chew cube.  With every puff, you will taste the sweet chewy strawberry candy that is Chew.  This juice comes in a 60 ML chubby gorilla bottle and enveloped in a pink label.  The PG VG ratio is the same as the Swirl at 30 70 for that combination of heavy clouds and light throat hit.

Whatever drove you to trying out the Vape Pink Line, the flavor and quality of the juices is what is going to make you stick around.  All dessert vapes and all so tasty in their own little way.  Propaganda E Liquid has really made good on its promise to become one of the vape industry stalwarts and is well positioned to lead into its next chapter.  You can pick up some juice online at .ShopST

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