Which Wheelbarrow is Recommended for Tools?


Wheelbarrows are some of the tools we can easily refer to as irreplaceable in our gardens or construction site. However, there are various types of wheelbarrows with different features, as well as, construction. The ideal one for your needs pretty much depends on how you will be using it so be sure to take a close look at the reviews of wheelbarrows before purchasing. Typically, there are plastic, as well as, steel wheelbarrows on the market, and each has its benefits, as well as, shortcomings, but which between the two is ideal for tools?

Plastic Wheelbarrows

These are ideal for hauling lighter materials such as grass clippings, empty pots, and mulch. The plastic wheelbarrows are light, and they include the kid’s varieties if you are introducing them to gardening or you having them help around in your garden.

People love plastic wheelbarrows, not only because of their lightweight construction but also because they are available in different shapes and colors – you will find the one with your favorite color and design.

Plastic wheelbarrows are easier to handle and to maintain. You can easily clean them immediately and easily, after hauling compost and other messy stuff around the garden. They are long-lasting, and will not rot, rust or corrode if you forget to store them well.

However, they also have their weaknesses – every product must have its weaknesses. Basically, the wheelbarrows will not tow very heavy equipment such as bags of cement or bricks. They can easily fold, crack or tear, leaving you to think of a decent replacement. Plastic barrows are not good for carrying tools, as they can easily scratch, leaving undesirable marks, and points of weakness.

Generally, plastic, as a material is vulnerable to the extremes of weather. They will damage during extreme cold and heat. Leaving them exposed to the sun can discolor them to the point of having to keep it out sight when important friends come visiting. Freezing weather damages the plastic, making it weak and unusable.

Metallic Wheelbarrows

These are standard haulers of heavy materials and tools. They are sturdy enough to withstand stress and are a common feature in construction sites. Typically, a steel wheelbarrow will serve you better if you frequently have a lot to haul, and on a frequent basis.

However, the fact that they are steel makes them substantial. Even when empty, the wheelbarrows will be heavy to move around and handle.

Similar to all metallic objects, the wheelbarrows demand a significant amount of service; otherwise, they are prone to rust and corrosion. Best practices in handling steel demand cleaning, oiling, and painting after use. You also need to store it in a clean and dry place.

So, which between the two is a clear winner when it comes to transporting tools? Well, there are various factors here. First, it will depend on the kind of tools you are handling. For example, if they are not sharp and heavy, then plastic will do well. If, on the other hand, they are heavy, sharp and unstable, then you should go with steel wheelbarrows.

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