Choosing The Right Shoes For Your Outfit


For many of us, choosing shoes to match our outfit can be the hardest decision we make before heading out of the door. It can be incredibly difficult to decide what color, style, and shape will suit the overall look and what will be the best choice to wear for the entire day. But don’t fret, we are here to make things easier for you, and today we are going to talk about how you can choose the right shoes for any outfit, anytime.

Match your clothes

If you want to make a simple decision before heading out of the door, the easiest thing you can do is pick a pair of shoes that match the color of your outfit. If you are wearing anything black wear black shoes, if you are wearing red wear red shoes. It is the easiest way to style yourself and you will always be safe in your choices.

A splash of color

There is nothing which can look more classy than a monochrome outfit topped off with a bold colored shoe. Wearing a bright color such as red or pink on your feet can really make your outfit pop and bring a sense of class to your style. You can even match your lipstick color to your shoes to bring even more depth to the outfit and add that sense of completion.

If you don’t just want to stick to a bright color, bold prints like leopard print or stripes on your shoes can make a massive difference to your overall outfit and they can bring a sense of personality to it.

Choosing one of your outfit colors

There are always going to be times in your life when you wear more than one color for a day out. If for example, you are wearing a dress which has red and orange within the pattern, you can choose one of these colors to wear as your shoe. When you are wearing multicolored clothing never wear a multicolored shoe because this will look far too busy and will distract you from the outfit as a whole. Choose one element and stick with it for your shoe.

Think length

When you are wearing certain outfits, there will be certain types of shoes which simply won’t work. Here are some examples of the length of dress/trousers against the length of shoe you should be wearing:

Short dress/shorts: knee high or over the knee boots

  • Midi skirt/dress (above the knee): ankle boots or stilettos
  • Midi skirt/dress (below the knee): ballet pumps or open heels with no straps around the ankle
  • Maxi dress/skirt: wedges, high heeled shoes, sneakers
  • Jeans: ballet pumps, heels, sneakers

As you can see, the length of your outfit will determine the length of the shoe, because you will always want to accentuate certain parts of the body without exposing too much of your skin.


If you are wearing a pastel blue shirt for the day, you could opt for a darker blue shoe or one which is bright. As long as you are sticking with the same color, the hue can differ as you wish.


The easiest way you can ensure that you will always have a pair of shoes to suit you is buying neutrals. Colors such as black, white, nude, grey, tan and brown are ideal in every situation so it means that when you are rushing out of the door you will always have a perfect shoe waiting for you.

The Seasons

The type of shoe which suits you in your day to day life will change throughout the year, so here is a general set of guidelines to stick to during each season.

Spring- you can wear both winter and summer shoes during this season. If it’s a fairly cool day you can wear ankle boots, and one sunny day you can wear comfy sandals. One particularly great style of shoe for the spring is sneakers.

Summer- summer is the hottest part of the year so you want to make sure that you have breathable shoes. Things like sandals, open-toed heels and sneakers are perfect for this time of the year. Keep things light and easy.

Autumn- one the weather begins to cool down once again, you will want to transition your style from summer to winter. You can say goodbye to the sandals at this time of year but keep the ballet flats, sockless styles, and open-toed heels. You can transition into ankle boots during this season and you will be much more comfortable.

Winter- style doesn’t really matter too much in the winter. You will want to make sure that you stay practical in case of snow and that you are comfortable all day. Sneakers, ankle boots, boots and high heeled boots are perfect for this season.

Hopefully, with these simple tips, your shoe choosing in the mornings will become much easier in the future!

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