Best Trail Camera Features to Look for When Buying


You may be looking to purchase your first trail camera, or you are trying to find the best alternative for the one you already have. Either way, you should be careful about picking the best one for your personal desire. This article will touch on a few of the most important feature you need to check for when buying a trail camera so you are able to find great options under $150.

High Megapixel Count

There are one-million pixels in one mega pixel. Every trail camera you come across will always advertise just how many megapixels you can get from buying that product. There is usually great detail about how the higher the count of megapixels there are, the better the image quality will be. And this is very true since more megapixels will produce high resolution images. Be sure to look at the advertised megapixel count, especially if you want crisp and clear images.

Range of Detection

If you are interested in covering a larger area with your camera or do not like using the time lapse option, than detection range is definitely important for you. Look for cameras that offer about 100 feet of detection range with only a slight decrease during the night time hours. This is important if you want your camera to catch all passersby even when your camera is faraway.

The Quality vs Quantity Argument

You have two options when approaching the subject of quality vs quantity when buying a trail camera. The first option is to go with the cheaper version of a trail camera, which is great if you are wanting to save money. But this does have repercussions in lower quality images and less durability. The second option is to spend a little more money a buy a quality camera that will produce high quality images and have high durability. These typically cost about 200 dollars but gives the best bang for your buck in terms of what you will get in return.

Trigger Speed

Trigger speed may seem like something that doesn’t really have any effect on your image quality, but it can make or break the crispness of a picture. Many low-end cameras will advertise as having a one second trigger speed, but there are higher quality trail cameras on the market that can go even faster than this. If you want the highest quality images, it is recommended to pay attention to this aspect of the camera you are considering.


How you mount the camera is probably one of the most important features to consider when buying a camera. The type of mount can really affect the quality of the images.

The Better Bust Mode Feature Burst mode is common on most trail cameras on the market, even on options under $100. It can take multiple pictures of any events within seconds of each other in sequential order. This is useful for those moments where there’s a lot of activity to capture. Be sure that any camera you are considering offers this option.

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