7 Reasons To Order A Sock Membership


Have you ever wondered why anyone would get excited about socks? Far from being just a necessary foot covering, socks can provide many unrealized benefits. Here are just a few reasons to join a sock of the month club for women.

1. Expand Your Sock Collection

Don’t just grab a bag of generic white socks because you’re bored shopping for individual pairs. With a monthly sock membership, you get interesting, fun to wear socks with no shopping required.

2. Get a Fun Box in the Mail Each Month

So much mail these days is boring. Having a sock membership ensures you will enjoy checking your mailbox at least once a month.

3. Discover Cute and Quirky New Designs

You may have never thought to buy a pair of socks with pineapples or pizza slices on them, but when a fun pair shoes up in the mail, they could be your new favorites.

4. Everyone Wears Socks

A sock membership also makes an excellent gift. Socks are fun and practical and a monthly membership means someone will be reminded of you on a regular basis.

5. You Choose Your Subscription Length

Sock memberships should allow you to decide how long your subscription lasts so you are only charged for a specific number of socks. That way you don’t accidentally get overcharged.

6. Always Receive a Different Pair

Whether you get a six month subscription or join a monthly sock club for three years, you will never get the same pair twice. In some cases you can get an extra pair for free depending on your subscription length!

7. Payment Methods to Meet Your Needs

You might enjoy pre-paying for your sock membership to get the payment taken care of all at once. You can also usually pay on a monthly basis.

As the best sock of the month club, Say It With A Sock is here to make sure you are completely satisfied with our product. Contact us if you have any questions or just to tell us how much you love our socks!

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