Okabashi Sandal Review

Okabashi is a family owned business manufacturing extremely comfortable shoes for more than 30 years.

Sea Glass

I received a pair of the Okabashi Splash in Slate color at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

My Review

We live in Florida and all I wear are sandals and flip flops. Okabashi is top of my list for fashion and comfort. These Splash sandals are so comfortable I forget I have shoes on. I have severe chronic back pain and these are my go to flip flops for all occasions. The Splash is so versatile that I can wear them shopping or to the beach during the day, and for date night in the evening. The arch support and raised heel make these easy to wear all day without the pain and discomfort I get with other sandals. The Microplast material make these easy to just wipe or rinse off to keep them looking clean and fresh.

Okabashi offers a wide variety of colors and designs for all their sandals for men and women. I have several pairs of different designs myself and can’t wait to buy more!


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