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We think the best technology requires the best design, ease of use and reliability.  These are the guiding principles behind everything we manufacture.  Good enough, isn’t part of our vocabulary. We design and build to the most rigorous standards and test and test again to make sure that we deliver the quality and performance you deserve. Our products have state of the art compatibility across multiples standards, offer forward compatibility and also give you the option to connect with your existing equipment.  Let’s face it, most of us have a mix of cutting edge and legacy tech within our businesses, homes and mobile lives. Our mission is to provide the most reliable and easy experience for you to connect your devices. 


The PowerSquid is a safe and easy way to convert one grounded wall outlet to five grounded adapter-compatible outlets.  The PowerSquid accommodates up to five bulky transformer plugs with ease, providing more flexibility than a standard power strip.

We received a Power Squid at no cost to facilitate an honest review.

Our Review

We never seem to have enough plugs in our house for all our devices and things that need to be plugged in. I have had other power strips, but we worry about surge protection if we lose power. We are in Florida and go through hurricane season every year hoping we aren’t going to burn out something vital. This PowerSquid Surge Protector is perfect for our house. The power cord id heavy duty and 3 feet long. This PowerSquid has 5 outlets on flexible arms. The flexible arms are what really sells this, because it makes arranging your devices and things so much easier. This has noise reduction feature so there’s no buzzing or other annoying sounds associated. This is flat and will easily slide under a couch, chair or table to be unobtrusive, while the flexible arms still allow easy access to all 5 plug ins. This is an amazing product and we will definitely be grabbing a couple more for our house!


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