Unusual Ways to Live a More Frugal Life


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If you’re trying to live a more frugal life, you’ve probably heard all about how you should be cutting the cable, drawing up a budget for your family to live within their means and drawing up a meal plan so that you can save money. They’re all good ideas for sure, but they aren’t the only things you should be doing; there are lots of more unusual, but workable, ways to live a more frugal life. Although they may seem a little odd at first, don’t dismiss them because the savings could be significant….

Cut Your Own Hair

Most people recoil in horror at the very thought of cutting their own hair, but you know what? It isn’t actually that hard to do, especially now there are lots of tutorials on Youtube showing you how to do it, and since a trip to the salon could set you back an average of $43 a time, it’s easy to see how savings can be made!

Take Out a Personal Loan

How exactly will taking out a personal loan help you to live a more frugal life? If it’s a low interest personal loan, here are many ways that it could help you out. You could, for example, use it to consolidate your debts, start your own money-making business or study for a qualification that will enable you to earn more. It’s unusual to see this recommendation when looking at ways to be more frugal, but it is something that you should not discount.

Find a Frugal Partner

For those of you who are single, looking for love with someone who is already frugal is a great way to stay on the path and more importantly get the help and encouragement you need to live well for less.

Turn the Engine Off at Red Lights

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If you’re sick of paying so much money on gas for your car, start turning off the engine when you’re stuck at red lights or otherwise held up in traffic. If the engine isn’t idling, it won’t be using any fuel!

Try Your Hand at Dumpster Diving

You probably have to be seriously frugal to even consider this, but there are lots of people who spend almost no money on groceries, instead opting to check out the dumpsters behind grocery stores every evening, which are almost always filled with perfectly edible foodstuffs! You do have to be very careful with this one though!

Shop Late at Night

Too weird? Save big money on your groceries by shopping late at night instead. The key is to do some reconnaissance and work out when your local grocery store starts slashing the price of perishable goods.

Put a Brick in the Toilet

Place a house brick in a plastic bag and seal it up before placing it into your toilet’s tank and you’ll use much less water when you flush, which will result in significant water bill savings in the years to come.

They might be a little different to the kind of advice you’re used to hearing, but these things really will save you money if only you’re willing to give them a try and really, what do you have to lose?

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