Mind Stretcher Puzzle Books Review



Get a full-brain workout with a new collection EVEN MORE mind stretching puzzles Now in its second volume this beloved series offers more teasers all designed to inspire and stimulate the mind. Switch off the TV, put down the phone and embrace Mind Stretchers—you’ll be entertained, learn new things, wake up your brain and it’s definitely more fun than watching the news.

I received 2 of the Mind Stretcher puzzle books at no cost in exchange for an honest review,

My Review

I love puzzles. I love the challenge of solving different kinds of puzzles that keep my brain firing on all cylinders. These Mind Stretchers puzzle books have a lot of different types of puzzles that challenge from easy to super hard. Both of these books have a really wide variety of puzzles to choose from, from old favorites like cross words and word searches to new ones I’ve never seen before. You can get lost for hours relaxing with Mind Stretchers!


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