LetterHeads Review


Stefan G Bucher’s LetterHeads is a graphic design book for creatives of literally any age, celebrating diversity and inspired by the people of the artist’s hometown of Los Angeles. Infused with unique personalities, surrounded by playful vocabulary and an intriguing color palette, the letters reflect just how alive language truly is. The use of ground-breaking 3D technology acts as a link to not just the future of letterform creation, but creativity itself.

Each letter accompanied by a single sentence, and a fascinating color, conveying essential personality traits and emotions.
Molded and carved like a series of classical sculptures, but free of the gaudy paint jobs!
A landmark approach to letterform creation, combining decorative lettering of the 19th century with the crisp digital modeling of a Pixar blockbuster.
​Enfolding playful vocabulary with color literacy, celebrating the diversity of both letterforms and people.
​The LetterHeads are collected in a luxurious book design by Bucher himself, featuring a spot gloss varnish cover, 200 gsm paper, and painted page edges.

I received a copy of LetterHeads at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

My Review

This charming book of artistic letters brings something that we view everyday without a second thought to life. The artistic talent is these pictures is plain to see, This book offers a unique reading experience with my boys. They love to make up stories about the letters based on the design and personality that shines through these pictures.  I leave this book out on the coffee table when we have company. This book makes a great conversation starter. I am very impressed with the quality of this book and the pictures. I love showing this off.


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