Plexus Supplement Review


Plexus® is for you—yes, you. It’s for who you are today and who you’ll be tomorrow. It’s for your biggest dreams and your craziest goals. It’s for your drive to better yourself and change the world. We know you’ve got it in you. Let’s bring it out—together.

Our products, values, opportunity and support, combined with your dreams, drive, and commitment are totally unstoppable.

Sure, our products help you feel better. But they also help you look better, eat better, focus better, and live better. Everything we make supports a happy, healthy lifestyle, and it has since day one.

We’re on the cutting edge of health science, with a range of products focused on every aspect of your health and happiness. We help your body get rid of the bad stuff, pave the way to better digestive health, and feed your system to benefit the body and mind. Our goal is to make products that are the highest quality non-GMO, 100% vegetarian, and gluten free, wherever possible. Most importantly, Plexus products work. They’re all for health, so there’s health for all.

I received the Ease supplement and the Nerve supplement at no cost in order to facilitate an honest review.

Ease Featured Ingredients:

Green lipped mussel Sourced from New Zealand Bromelain An enzyme found in pineapples Turmeric Contains the bioactive curcumin

About Ease:

Plexus Ease capsules are designed to soothe away the daily discomforts that result from your active lifestyle. With the specially formulated ingredients in Ease, you will notice your discomforts easing away.

My Thoughts on Ease:

I have pain and discomfort from several medical issues I deal with. I am diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and degenerative disc disease, as well as having had 3 surgeries on my right knee. I wake up very stiff and sore and it takes awhile to get going in the morning, and by the end of the day I am sore and exhausted. I have been taking the Ease for about a month now, 2 in the morning and 2 before bed. These are kinda large pills and have a bit of an after taste, so that took some getting used to. After about a week or so I started to notice a difference. I was not as “creaky” in the morning and didn’t feel quite so bad at the end of the night. I have been able to participate a little more in activities with my family and go out without as much pain with my friends. It;s been nice to have a more natural alternative to get some relief without the side effects of the pharmaceuticals I’ve been on in the past.

Nerve Featured Ingredients:

Acetyl L-Carnitine Found in most cells of our bodies Quercetin A powerful flavonoid found in many plants and foods Horse Chestnut Extract An extract derived from Aesculus hippocastanum tree bark

About Nerve:

Plexus Nerve is a specially formulated combination of vitamins, minerals, herbs, and amino acids to help support healthy nerve cells and nervous system. Don’t let nerve discomfort get in the way of having a good day every day – get Plexus Nerve.*

My Thoughts on Nerve:

One of the symptoms I deal with on a daily basis is neuropathy. Whether this is part of the Fibromyalgia or separate nerve damage is yet to be determined. I can tell you though that this is one of the most painful and frustrating parts of my health issues that I deal with. My nerve pain and “pins and needles” prevent me from doing a lot of things. I have tried several pharmaceutical treatments to help, and the side effects are not worth the small amount of relief I have gotten. I have been using this Nerve supplement for about a month now in combination with the Ease. Nothing will “fix” or “cure” the nerve damage and pain I have, but any relief is welcome for sure. I have noticed a decrease in some of the pain that I usually have throughout the day while using these supplements.



For both of these supplements, they are gluten free and 100% vegetarian. I have tolerated both these supplements with no noticeable stomach upset or other unpleasant side effects with the exception of the size of the pills and the smell of them. These products cost between $30-$40 per bottle and a bottle will last between 15-30 days depending how you take them. This can seem a little cost prohibitive, however if you add up the cost of the different medicines you would have to take to help these symptoms, it comes out to less than the pharmaceuticals. Overall I am happy with the results I am seeing with Plexus and would recommend these products.


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