MagnetPal Review


Does someone in your household always misplace their key? Do you they spend time looking for their keys every time they want to leave the house? Place a MagnetPAL on their key ring and this problem is solved. MagnetPAL most powerful magnet allows you to hang your keys on the metal screw in the face plate of the light switch by the door. The keys are there every time.

Use MagnetPAL as a hide a key, or place a spare key under the car. How about those other spares: boat key, bike key, freeze key? MagnetPAL allows you to organize or hide any key. MagnetPAL is remarkably strong and permanent. It will never rust, fail or fall off.

My Review

I love this product and so does my husband. There are literally a million different ways to use these magnet pals. The GrabbitStick comes in handy more than any other tool when my husband is working on cars. The extendable magnetic pick up stick goes from 11 inches to 39 inches and is great for tight spots where fingers can’t reach. This is awesome for small screws and nuts and bolts that fall when he’s doing car or home improvement projects. The head also pivots 180 degrees to add to its usefulness and versatility.

The smaller magnetpals are also extremely useful! You can use this on a key ring to keep your keys handy or hide a key under your car or wheel well. These are very strong magnets that never lose their strength. These can be used as stud finders and to find screws in wall studs as well. These never rust and work wet or dry and in extreme temperatures.

These are the best little tool I’ve ever bought my husband!


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