BoopLight Review

Oregon Scientific


The BOOPLIGHT Whale features a portable design which makes it a perfect decor for the baby nursery, bathroom, or bedroom. The BOOPLIGHT glows with a soft light which creates a calm atmosphere for a relaxing mood. A bright light can be chosen for reading and the BOOPLIGHT Whale offers 4 additional colors. The BOOPLIGHT is made with a soft and smooth finish allowing the tap sensitive sensor to be activated rapidly, for color change.

My Review

My boys are a little older but my youngest still likes to have a nightlight in the room. He doesn’t want a “baby” nightlight though because he’s a big boy. This color changing whale nightlight is perfect for him. This USB night light charges quickly and holds a charge for at least 6 to 8 hours. There are 5 different color modes, and all it takes is a light tap on the top to switch modes. There is the bright and and not so bright white light and 5 different colors to choose from. There is also the breathing mode, where the night light cycles through all the colors automatically. There is a on/off button on the bottom so you can turn it off and conserve charge during the day. This is soft silicone material so no chance of injury if it falls or gets tossed around. This night light is small so it fits into any space or decor without being obtrusive or in the way. The cuteness of this night light makes it a coveted item in our house! My boys love this!


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