Blue Orange Games Review 2017

The home of many fun games! We create, publish and promote high-quality, eco-friendly games for the whole family. We are driven to inspire families to “unplug” and connect face to face with the people who matter most by playing games together.
We received 3 games at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

 Our Review

 I love the games that we get from Blue Orange games. The games we got from them are high quality and all the pieces hold up well to a lot of game nights with two very competitive little boys. These games were fun to play and are challenging and educational as well. My boys play with the Eye N Seek all the time and love it. My boys and husband have, and will, play these games all the time and they keep them them entertained for long periods of time. Having awesome board games like this on hand is great for when we are wanting to disconnect from all the technology and spend time having fun together without staring at a screen.

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