Porcelain Dipping Bowl Review




DOWAN ORIGINAL DESIGN, MINI ROUND DISH WITH HANDLE – it will stay stable on the tabletop or in the oven while eating or baking, or you can simply hold it by the handle, and move it around. Extra bonus – it is stackable for easy storage ( even friendly to small kitchens).
ANY-DAY ALL-OCCASION VERSATILITY – stylish and sturdy, the porcelain dip bowl/appetizer spoons not only meet the demands of everyday use and but also boast a sleek look that’s ideal for entertaining. The clean lines and classic white color show off foods beautifully, from condiments to cocktail snacks to hors d’oeuvres and dips.
NOT JUST FOR DIPPING – also a cute souffle dish or ramekin you can use to bake delicious cake. Almost anything can be served in this handy spoon: a mouthful of chilled soup, creamy ricotta topped with seasonal veggies and a drizzle of olive oil or a lovely avocado salsa.


I received a set of the Dowan porcelain dipping bowls at no cost in exchange for an honest review.


My Review

These dipping bowls from Dowan are perfect for so many different things. These are high quality porcelain that is microwave, oven and dishwasher safe. These are the perfect size for everyone to have their favorite condiment or side dish without have to share and double dip. My kids are quite particular about having their own ketchup, sauces, salsa, and chip dip. With these bowls I can divide up their dips or whatever and they won’t be fighting over a bigger container. These are stackable so they don’t take up a lot of extra room in the cabinet. You could also use these to make mini cakes or souffl├ęs if you are really adventurous in the culinary world. These bowls are sturdy and heavy, and the handle makes them easy to carry and serve without worry of spills or drops. I just love these and we have been purposely finding reasons to use these!


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