National Geographic Books Review

National Geographic Books creates and distributes print and digital works that inspire, entertain, teach, and give readers access to a world of discovery and possibility. Each year we publish more than 175 new books for adults, families, and children on a wide range of nonfiction subjects from animals to travel, cartography to history, fun facts to moving stories.
We received 2 books for our boys from National Geographic Books at no cost.


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My boys are so inquisitive and love learning new things about the world around them. National Geographic has a large variety of books to help them on their learning path. Aside from being educational, these books are really entertaining! The books are bound perfectly and hold up really well to little hands and a lot of page turning. The pages are glossy, the pictures are big and bright, and the explanations and fun facts are presented in an easy to read and understand format.

I love that my boys get so excited to see these books. In a world full of electronics and screens for everything it’s refreshing to have them so excited about actual books. We as a family have really enjoyed all the awesome facts and pictures in these books!


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