How To Survive A Family Road Trip

At different times in your life, you may find that you go on a road trip. Sometimes, this can be in your youth with friends or your significant others, and at other times, it can be as an adult with your entire family in tow. While the former signifies fun and freedom, the latter can often invoke fear and frustration in many. Because we all know how hard it can be to travel with your family. But that doesn’t mean you should avoid it altogether. If you love road trips, or you’re planning on as a vacation or to see family and friends, you’re going to be able to not only survive it, but enjoy it too. Here’s how…

Plan Your Route

Step one is always the most important. Even if you love the idea of doing something sporadic, or heading off on a bit of an adventure, this is something you need to save for doing with friends. Because when you have your family with you and more importantly, your kids, you need to have a plan. And that means planning your route. Not only might this save you money in the long run, but you’re also going to know how long it will take too. Which can be a savior when you have small kids asking “are we there yet”?

Pack Snacks

Then, you’re going to want to think about what you need with you to make this go as smoothly as possible. The first thing you need, is always going to be snacks. Because kids always seem to scream that they’re hungry as soon as you leave to go anywhere. So pack up your food and drinks in quality ice chests and you’ll be prepared. Even if the first leg of the trip isn’t long, you’ll be glad you had snacks when your kids want them.

And An Array Of Entertainment

But that’s not all, you’re also going to need entertainment. Because kids are always going to get bored on a trip. Period! So think about pulling together your own little travel kits for them. Stock up on their favorite books and movies, even pack stickers and coloring sets. With these in tow, you’ll have hours worth of entertainment to take their minds off being sat in the car!

Leave At The Right Time


Next up, you’re going to want to get your timing right. This can be crucial. If you have young children, then you might want to make sure that you leave in time for their naps so they can sleep most of the way. But you may always want to factor in bathroom breaks and even meal times for this too.

Sing Along

Finally, be sure to get some great road trip games and songs firmly in your mind before you leave too. Because there’s nothing quite playing a classic game of I Spy or singing along to some of the best road trip songs (which you should download beforehand FYI) while you’re on the road.

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