Gideon Shiatsu Massaging Cushion Review


  • MASSAGING NODES MOVE UP & DOWN – The Gideon Shiatsu Massaging Cushion features four Shiatsu (4) Massaging nodes that travel up and down, massaging the entire back. Select a full back massage, lower back or upper back. Features optional heat therapy, radiating gentle warmth, to help you unwind from a stressful day.
  • ADJUSTABLE SPOT FOCUS MASSAGING – The moving shiatsu massage nodes can be set to pinpoint a specific spot on your back. Press the arrows up to move it higher up your back, or press the arrow down to move the massage lower down on your back. The intensity of the massage can be increased or decreased depending by how hard you press against it.
  • MIMICS REAL MASSAGE THERAPIST HANDS – Specially designed 3D counter-rotating and multi-directional balls deeply penetrate your tissues and muscles, mimicking the vigorous kneading and penetration of a real massage therapist hands. Relieves pain, aches, tension and knots. Calms, sooths and reinvigorates you whether you’re in your chair at home, sitting at your desk at work or even while commuting in your car.
  • DEEP SOOTHING & PENETRATING VIBRATION – The seat cushion features double deep penetrating vibration nodes with three (3) levels of vibration intensity. Enjoy your exact desired massage setting.
  • EASY-TO-USE CORDED HAND CONTROL – Convenient and easy-to-use corded hand control keypad to select and control functions. / UL Listed 6 ft. AC and DC cables included. / Can also be used while lying flat on sofa or in bed/ Color: Black and gray

My Review

This massaging cushion with heat is the Mercedes of massage cushions. I have had several different versions of this over the past couple of years and none has come close to this one. This cushion has 4 massaging nodes that move up and down, 3 vibration intensities, and heat. There are 8 buttons for adjustment on the remote and that’s not even including the power button. This has been a huge help to my husband who suffers from lower back pain, and for me for my upper and shoulder pain. This massage cushion even comes with a plug in for in the car! We fight over who gets to use this constantly. If you have back pain and discomfort this is a must have!!



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