Incredible tips that will get help you get rid of cigarettes

There is a lot that can be said about smoking as a vice: it is unhealthy, it affects others, it is expensive and cigarettes are often used with other vices such as alcohol.
One thing that is often neglected is that smoking is hard to quit and this is something smokers know best.
If you ever tried to quit you know how easy it is to relapse. If you simply go to a bar or some other place where smoking is allowed, there is a good chance you will light one up while having a beer. Your body also get used to a smoke after a big meal.
All these factors make it hard to quit.
But don’t worry, there is a way you can do it; just check these awesome tips!

1. Remove cigarettes and everything else reminding you of smoking

First of all, it is absolutely necessary to remove elements that can make you relapse. If you’ve lived in a house for years and years and smoked inside, it will likely affect your furniture and curtains. Make sure to change them or at least wash them. Remove old boxed of cigarettes lying around and also, remove lighters. If you commonly smoked cigarettes after a certain type of food, make sure to avoid eating this food in the foreseeable period, for at least several months. Each time you remember cigarettes there is a good chance to relapse so by removing these factors it will be mentally easier for you.

2. Find substitutions

Substitutions are not ideal because they make you think about cigarettes. Even if you replace cigarettes with them, you will still have this vice in the back of your head. Still, it is much better to go for chewing gum or e-cigarettes with e-juice if you’re unable to deal with lack of nicotine.

3. Ask for support

Even though you might not realize this, support is necessary for smokers as it is for alcoholics and drug addicts. You need to have people with whom you’re able to communicate about your daily strive. This makes it much easier as you realize that others are having the same issues and same craving as you do. This fact alone makes it easier to persist. Still, your family is probably the best support you can get. As long as they’re with you, you can do whatever you wish. Of course, if they are smokers as well, try to quit together. Having several people within family smoking makes it harder for an individual to quit. If you all stop together, the chance of succeeding it much higher.

4. Eat healthy food

Healthy food will change your complete perspective. Most people find it hard to quit cigarettes because they have other unhealthy habits. They tell themselves “If I’m already living this way, cigarettes cannot harm me” This is flawed as each of these things has enormous impact on your health and sooner than later it will show. By changing your diet, you will also slowly start to change your views whether you want it or not.

5. Exercises

Like food, exercises are a positive trigger. They improve your lifestyle. Amazing thing about them is that they are completely opposite to cigarettes; it is very hard to exercise and smoke at the same time which forces you to choose. They go well with healthy diet and you can combine these two during your process. After a bit, you will notice a big, positive change in your life as your respiratory system becomes relaxed and it becomes easier to breathe.

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