Glider Gloves Review

Glider Gloves are the ultimate texting glove for any Smart Phone or touchscreen devices. Glider Gloves are made from special conductive fibers that keep your hands warm while having access to text, by touching any part of the glove to the phone surface.  

My Review
I love these Glider Gloves. I am one of those annoying people who has their phone permanently attached to their hands. In the colder weather it becomes a choice between warm hands and being able to use my phone. That is no longer a problem with these Glider Gloves I got. The entire glove works on touch screens, so I don’t have to worry about only using the finger tips, or having the right angle or amount of pressure on the screen. With the Glider Gloves on I can operate my phone exactly the same as without gloves. These gloves are comfortable, soft, and keep hands warm, but not sweaty. I am impressed with the functionality of these gloves and the quality is great! 

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