Cold Outside But Cozy In


As seems to happen every year, the novelty of fall has come and gone. The fun that is kicking crispy leaves into the air, getting to layer up on your fashion and drink overpriced pumpkin spiced lattes has all but vanished and we are left staring out the window at the colder weather, shorter days, and the hours that lead up to bedtime seemingly never wanting to end. Even the most optimistic of people can find their smiles starting to wane, their get-out-of-bed-in-a-good-mood-attitude slipping away like droplets of rains tumbling down the window.

But it doesn’t have to be like this.

Yup. you read that right. There are ways you can actually enjoy these long and cold winter months, and all it takes is a little touch of cozying up your home; getting all snuggly as the wind swirls and whirls outside. We’re not talking home maintenance. Oh no. We’re talking home decor.

Of course, knowing how to make your home fifty-shades of delightful is the challenge, which is why we have pulled together a list of things you can do brighten up that ambience a little bit more. Whether you embrace them all or just a few, you will find your home becomes that haven you have been craving since the first leaf dropped from the tree.


Make A Reading Nook
Netflix has become the default setting we all switch too during the long and dark days. With it getting so dark so early, we find it all too easy to slink into a habit of binge-watching everything Netflix has to offer, which is exactly why you should take the time to create another way to enjoy your downtime, such as finishing that book you almost started in the summer. What could be better than creating a little nook or cranny to curl up in with a book, a magazine, your Kindle or a tablet, whiling away the hours as you sit nestled into a mess of feathered cushions, thick quilts, puffy pillows and a spotlight you can adjust to your needs. To make this the most perfect place possible, look at this list for ideas, and make sure you create a little storage area to keep your bits and pieces, as well as a little shelf for you to leave your cup of tea to cool down a bit. The less reason you have to leave the better.

Get Yourself A Games Area
We’re not talking about converting your basement or attic into a games room fit for a bored teenager – pool tables, arcade games and three televisions; one for each console. No. We’re talking about a games area that will launch you back into a world of nostalgia. Just think about your childhood. Winter days and nights were spent playing board games with the family, chitchatting with one another as you slurped on mugs of hot chocolate, the radio playing in the background. That is what you should emulate. You should designate a little corner of your room to games and passion projects and leave it when it comes to your daily clean up. Leave it to play chess on, or Monopoly. Leave it as a place you can do that 1,000 piece puzzle you got last Christmas and have it as somewhere you can finally go through your photographs; organising them into albums. You can’t beat a lovely bit of yesteryear and teaching your kids what winter used to be like.

Your Bedroom Needs A Lot Of love
Stepping out of bed on a chilly Saturday morning – your breath visible and the floor freezing – is about as horrendous as it gets, which is why you should make your bed a place you can’t physically leave for comfort. Where should you start? Your bed, of course. Even when the weather outside is positively delightful, we spend around one-third of our day in bed, so you can only imagine how much this increases during the winter. So, read this article on and make sure you get yourself a mattress that is more comfortable than any marshmallow you have ever imagined laying on. Once you have this, start piling all things cozy onto it. Add a faux-fur throw, pick the perfect pillow, decorate with colourful pillows and get yourself a bed canopy from Ikea. No one wants to hot step it across a bunch of cold floorboards, so remove that option from the equation completely.


Light The Fire Immediately
If you have a fireplace, wood stove or log burner, then count yourself lucky because getting a fire going in your home is a sure fire way to make your house feel warm and cozy, snug and comfortable. It isn’t just the heat that it gives off. It is the orange flames that flicker and dance, and the sound of crackling firewood, the sound of logs hitting the grate every so often as they burn away and topple. Lighting a fire is something you will appreciate every time you do it. So make sure your tools are handy and you will be able to enjoy this little thing in life at a moment’s notice. Dress up your mantel a little bit and you will find the whole ambience comes together to make winter, well, maybe, your favourite season of all.

Layer Up… On Light
When you hear the word ‘layers’ used in the context of winter, most people jump to the conclusion that we’re talking about fashion and warmth. But while these have both become synonymous with this time of year, it is your lighting that you really want to layer up in order to get that gorgeous glow. The more lighting options you have the more chance you have of creating the perfect environment. Reading books, chatting to friends, watching movies – all of these require different lighting, which is why we beg and urge you to add an ample amount of lamps to your space. Get some table lamps, those vintage trip spotlights, floor standing lamps and finally light all those little tea lights you have collected from your monthly visit to Ikea. Overhead lights are another great option, but they never catch the mood quite right, unless you have a dimmer switch, that is. The answer; get a dimmer switch. Oh, and don’t forget string lights. Those beautiful, gorgeous string lights. They offer a look that everyone loves.

Create Intimacy All Over The Place
That is what the winter season is all about, after all. It is about getting intimate with your nearest and dearest, laughing and joking with your family and enjoying the magic that is a conversation. Forget about the television for a second and focus on how you can create little pockets of intimacy elsewhere. Move your dining room table closer to the fireplace, even if that means moving it into a different room. Rearrange your furniture so that it is closer together and facing one another. Surround the log burner in your living room or just have your sofas and chairs surround a coffee table. Whatever is going to create an atmosphere of intimacy and coziness.


Add Warm Blankets To Every Room
Not only is the gorgeous, soft and warm blanket a staple decor piece during the winter months, it is the ultimate – the ultimate – way to get all snuggly and comfy no matter what you are doing. Think of it as giving your rooms a winter outfit to wear, something that changes the look to meet the outside, something that adds another layer of practicality. Toos a warm blanket over the back of your sofas, add them to the bench seat in your kitchen, put one over the arm of your favourite chair, in your reading nook, your bedroom, the kid’s bedrooms and the spare bedroom. Turning up the thermostat is fine, but nothing beats that feeling of getting wrapped up and snuggling up with one another. Of course, adding a half-dozen blankets to the back of your sofa so that everyone has one is hardly going to look great or work practically, so a little tip is to get yourself a nice, deep wicker basket and then fill it with a mix of throws – wool, faux-fur, fleece and anything else that takes your fancy.

Your Bathroom Floor

Bathroom tiles are officially the coldest place on earth. Period. However, as much as we may dream of adding some underfloor heating, it isn’t exactly at the top of our must-have list this Christmas. The simplest thing you can do is add a lovely old Persian rug. Not only will this cover a large portion of the bathroom floor, it will act as the most magical statement piece of decor, adding that old-fashioned look of style and comfort. All those cold mornings where you have to tiptoe across the tiles, arms wrapped around yourself as you brace, losing your breath to the sheer unexpected torture that this experience will be gone. Imagine how blissful that would be. Imagine how nice it will feel to walk across your bathroom, take a shower and then leave again, no pain or displeasure, just a beautiful rug to admire on your way out.

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