Caring For Your Elderly Parent At Home: The Pros and Cons

Seeing your parent grow old is never a nice thing, but you can make it easier on everyone by volunteering to house your elderly parent and take care of them when living alone becomes too difficult. Today we are going to take a look at the pros and cons of keeping your elderly parent at home, and whether it is the best choice for you.

Keeping Your Loved One Close

There’s definitely a good side to keeping your car in the family. It allows you full control of your parent’s care and means that there is no chance of negligence from you or your family. You can all pitch in at different times of the day to keep them company, help them with eating and shopping, as well as reminisce about the olden days.

Making The House Safe

To make sure your parent is able to roam freely around your home and be safe when you aren’t there, you will need to make some small changes. It will make things much easier and allow your parent the independence and freedom which a car home cannot give. Adding an alert system to your home is the first step in giving you peace of mind, a company such as will install a cord which when pulled will alert the emergency services. This means if your parent suffers an injury while alone, they can pull the cord for help.

Making Memories

The best part of having your elderly parent near is the ability to spend time as a family and make new memories in their final years. You and your children will have fond memories and fun days out together and make the last part of their lives really count. You can even help them complete their bucket list:


Extra Costs

There are always downsides to everything, but in most cases you can easily outway them with the good things. In this case, extra household costs will be an issue. Installing special equipment, rising recliners, and memory foam mattresses for extra comfort will set you back a few pennies, but it is for a good cause.

Long Hours

Caring for a sick or elderly relative is never easy. With the combination of shopping trips, feeding and even bathing your parent, it can mean very long hours before and after your working day.

Cramped Living Space

Of course, unless you have a sizeable home, the addition of a new body in the house will make your living space a little more cramped than before. With decades of belongings to their names, your parents will have a lot of items to be stored in your home. You may have to invest in boarding out the attic.

If you are able to do it, there’s no better feeling than caring for your parents at home rather than sending them to a nursing home. It allows you to spend extra time with your loved ones and gives you the opportunity to make amazing memories with your parents in their final years.

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