Agnes & Dora Clothing Review

Agnes & Dora™ is the destination for effortless fashion featuring the latest trends for confident, social, and active women. We offer quality, fashionable apparel at affordable prices that allow women to feel good in mind, body, and spirit. Our product is available through Independent Sales Representatives. We are a community that promotes kindness, self-acceptance, independence, and empowerment. Agnes & Dora™ is everyday expression for EVERY BODY!
I received several items from Agnes & Dora at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
I received: Maxi Skirt, Pencil Skirt, The Dolman Tunic, The Tank and Leggings. A&D manufactures clothing that becomes available (usually weekly) for purchase.  These items are normally limited print and quantity. They have staple items that they continuously manufacture in new prints and colors, but again, the prints and colors are limited quantities.
My Review
I am all about comfort when it comes to my clothing I wear, but I want to be on trend and stylish as well. I was very excited to receive these items from my Agnes & Dora consultant. The designs sent are definitely to my taste so I was excited to wear my new pieces.
The maxi skirt has become one of my favorite skirts to wear. The material is soft, stretchy and lightweight. This skirt is comfortable in the hottest weather, and can be dressed up with a heavy sweater in cooler weather. The design goes with several different colored tops that I have and looks great with flip flops, sandals or boots. The skirt washes easily and has not stretched out or faded at all. The skirt also seems to be wrinkle proof which is a great bonus.
The pencil skirt is another great addition to my wardrobe. the colors allow me to pair this up with red, blue or white tops. This skirt is also stretchy and comfortable no matter my level of activity during the day. The colors are bright and have not faded at all with washing.
The leggings are my favorite items out of this shipment hands down. I’m not a big wearer of leggings usually, but these leggings from Agnes & Dora have converted me to a leggings lover! The material of these leggings is so soft I don’t even have a word for it. These designs are cute and can be matched with several different colors of shirts. I have been wearing these every chance I get and these have been through the wash several times. These leggings have held their shape and color really well.
The tank is super comfortable, and I love the over sized length. This tank is very versatile and I can wear this casual or dressed up. The Dolman Tunic is also very versatile and comfortable. This tunic can be worn with anything from jeans to leggings.
I am absolutely thrilled with the items I received and definitely recommend checking out Agnes & Dora if you are looking for perfect pieces for style and comfort!

Check out the designs available from Agnes & Dora rep Jennifer Douglas at the link below!

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