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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

MuscleAndStrength Coupons and 3 Intensity Techniques You Have to Try

MuscleAndStrength Coupons and 3 Intensity Techniques You Have to Try

Though still rules the school when it comes to online stores selling fitness supplements, Muscle and Strength has more than enough firepower to create some viable competition. Their combination of solid customer service, swift shipping times and intuitive website design can seldom be found anywhere else on the market. Their prices are also fairly affordable, and their coupons give you a chance to get an even better bang for your buck. 

If you take a look at their website, you'll note they have an entire section dedicated to all the coupons and deals they're offering at this moment. Some of these deals are better than others, but the sheer number of discounted products should make sure you'll find something that strikes your fancy. As for the coupons, we've done some research and picked the best of the bunch: 

• 15OFF300: Lets you save $15 off any orders worth $300 or more 
• EWHEY1015: A 15% discount on Elite Whey ProtDyein (10 lbs) by Dymatize 
• BCAA5050: Earn an additional 20% off BCAA Complex 5050 
• 140OFF2000: Save $140 off any $2000+ orders 

Once you've purchased the right supplements, it's time to focus on actual workouts. As anyone who's ever hit the gym will be able to tell you, people who know what they're doing will always have an imposing chest. Growing your chest is not as easy as growing your arms, however; in order to unlock the true potential of your chest, you'll have to start utilizing the so-called intensity techniques. Here are the three best ones to use: 

1. Rest-Pause 

For the most part, the rest-pause training is fairly straightforward: if you feel you can't get another rep out, rest a little and go at it again. Of course, the devil is in the details. Here is one example: if you feel exhausted immediately after doing eight reps, just re-rack the weights, rest for about half a minute and keep doing reps until you physically can't do another one. To further maximize your workout results, use the online coupons to get your own post-workout supplements the cheapest way and order as many products as you like.

You can also pepper your rest intervals throughout your working set, but don't go overboard if you're planning to have a longer workout. 

2. German Volume Training 

If you're familiar with the weight training movement, you've probably heard of this one. Basically, the German Volume Training routine (or GVT for short) consists of 10 sets of 10 reps. Keep in mind that this is just one big exercise, and not your entire training. Multiple GVT exercises are not recommended due to being too physically taxing.

If you're serious about your chest training, keep in mind that GVT is designed to be a compound exercise, such as barbel row, bench press or overhead press. 

3. Fly to Close-Grip Transition 

The best thing about this technique is that it's an excellent way to exhaust your pecs before transitioning into a pressing movement. Exhausting pecs is a good thing for chest growth, as your body will be forced to utilize more muscle fibers during an exercise.

The method is simple enough: after completing your fly reps, switch to the pressing movement by holding dumbbells over your chest. Make sure your palms are facing each other, keep the dumbbells together and finish your workout as diligently as possible.

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