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Monday, August 14, 2017

Law and Vengeance Review

Gina Romano is a highly successful trial lawyer with Bergman/Deketomis, a firm dedicated to protecting the public by exposing and penalizing corporate crooks and their allies in government. Well into her thirties, Gina hasn’t overcome the anger and defensiveness resulting from a bizarre and traumatic childhood. As she contemplates whether to marry solid, attractive and loyal veterinarian Bryan Penn or to send him packing, the murder of a friend and mentor, Angus Moore, turns her life into a quest for vengeance. In consort with partner Nick Deketomis, Gina runs headlong into a life and death struggle against weapons manufacturers, a gun rights lobbyist, psychopathic Chicago police, a hi-tech genius assassin, and the U.S. Department of Justice. Still, the most formidable and dangerous enemy she faces is herself.

I received a copy of this book at no cost in exchange for my honest review

My Review

I love a good courtroom drama and I really got my fill with this book! I had read Law and Disorder so I was familiar with some of the characters, and I had no problem getting attached to the newcomers as well. This story takes off at breakneck speed and doesn't let up. There is guns, murder, lawyers and love. What is not to like? The second amendment has been a hot button topic recently, and this story brings that even more to forefront. The characters were all very well developed so you feel very involved in the story and what happens to them. The author does a great job transitioning between the different threads of the story so the reader doesn't get lost. The story moves fast but smoothly and wraps up with a satisfying ending. I cannot wait to read more from this author!

About the Author

Mike Papantonio is a senior partner of Levin Papantonio. It is one of the largest plaintiffs’ law firms in America, and has handled thousands of mass tort cases throughout the nation including pharmaceutical drug litigation, tobacco litigation, and securities fraud actions. “Pap” has received dozens of multimillion-dollar verdicts on behalf of victims of corporate corruption. Mike Papantonio is one of the youngest attorneys to have been inducted into the Trial Lawyer Hall of Fame. In 2012, he became President of the National Trial Lawyers Association, the largest trial lawyer organization in America. For his trial work on behalf of consumers, Pap has received some of the most prestigious awards reserved by the Public Justice Foundation, The American Association for Justice, and the National Trial Lawyers Association. Papantonio hosts the nationally syndicated radio show “Ring of Fire” along with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and Sam Seder. In addition to the radio program, he also hosts “Ring of Fire” when it airs on the Free Speech TV network. Pap has conducted hundreds of recorded interviews with guests including Dan Rather, Helen Thomas, Howard Zinn, Arianna Huffington, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Bernie Sanders, David Crosby, Merle Haggard, Morgan Spurlock, John Edwards, Bill Moyers, Rickie Lee Jones, Alanis Morissette, Pete Seeger, Jackson Browne, Chuck D from Public Enemy, Henry Rollins, and Ted Sorensen.

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