How to Make the Most of Amazon Prime Day

How to Make the Most of Amazon Prime Day
Prime Day is Amazon’s annual one-day flash sales event. It is well known to be the online, early version of Black Friday. It can be slightly overwhelming for those that have never participated before. Even veterans to Prime Day can find themselves not truly making the most of this epic day of savings. But, DO NOT FRET…we are here to guide you towards success. The following tips will have you saving like a champ in a matter of minutes.

Prime Account Up to Date?
The first sept towards a successful Prime Day is having an account that is current. If you are not currently a member, this is the time for you to sign up for a FREE 30-day trial membership.
Gorge on Credit
Currently, Amazon offers a credit of $10 when you initially add $100 to your gift card balance. Keep in mind that the gift cards work just as credit on your Prime account, so load it up and enjoy your auto 10% bonus.
Get NOW and Get a Bonus
With your FIRST order via Prime Now, Amazon is giving shoppers a discount of $10. Additionally, shoppers are given $10 off for a future order with the code “10PRIMEDAY”. Therefore, as you shop today, see if any of the items you desire are available for immediate delivery so that you can take advantage of this deal.
Let Alexa Help
Alexa devices have earlier access to the deals and with a simple, “Alexa, what are your deals” you will be in the mix within minutes. Alexa is also the very best and quickest way to learn about “Lightening Deals”.
Amazon App
The key to NOT missing out on deals is the Amazon App. Once within the app, visit the sections marked “Upcoming” and “Today’s Deals” prior to them going live. For items that you desire to purchase, the app allows you to “Watch this Deal” and be notified when the sale for that item has begun. Also, for those using the app for the very first time, you are given $10 just for signing up!
Get on the Waitlist
An item you want has sold out? Do NOT panic. Simply click “Join the Waitlist” and get notified should additional inventory becomes available.
Be Aware and Pay Close Attention
Keep in mind that some of the dals being offered on Prime Day will not truly be a bargain. This is no different than faux deals shelled out on Black Friday in a brick and mortar store. This is why is imperative that you are aware and that you pay close attention to how much the regular price of the product you are shopping for.
In Conclusion
Once you have made the decision to participate in Amazon’s Prime Day, you will need to keep in mind that (approximately) every 5 minutes new deals will be presented. This will occur for a total of 30 hours ending at 2am on July 12th. With that in mind, think of this sale day as a marathon as opposed to a swift sprint. For the very best deals, patience is KEY. Hopefully the above tips will help you be quite successful this Prime Day.
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