BistroMD: Coupons and Pros and Cons

BistroMD: Coupons and Pros and Cons
Meal delivery service is one of the fastest growing segments of the on demand economy; you order pre
assembled meal kits which are then delivered right to your doorstep with pre-portioned ingredients and
recipes for you to prepare at home. These services generally offer convenient meals in packaged plans, or
the meals can be customized to one’s needs such weight loss. One such service, is Bistro MD. 
What is Bistro MD? 
Founded in the year 2005 by Caroline J. Cederquist, BistroMD is one of the most popular meal delivery
services that delivers doctor designed, chef prepared meals and customized weight loss support to its’
users nationwide. Bistro MD delivers balanced, healthy and delicious meals, which improve your
metabolism, and help you build a toned and firm body. This program makes sure that every single day of
your weight loss program goes smoothly, and you actually lose weight effortlessly and quickly. 
BIstro MD offers several meal choices which are designed by a weight management physician, and will
make the weight loss process easy since you do not have to worry about counting calories or always
checking the nutrition labels.
 Meal Plans 
There are number of plans offered by Bistro MD, including; diabetic plans, gluten-free plans , plans aimed
at the menopausal women, seniors, men and more. The plans include 5 days of just meals, 5 days with
snacks, and 7 days with all the meals included, They offer food for dinner, lunch, breakfast, and a snack
meaning that you’ll have all the meals of the day fully covered. Their plans gives you an average of 1200
calories a day, depending on the type of foods you choose. 
How BistroMD Works 
Bistro MD works in 4 simple steps. It starts by providing users with one of their many diet plans which are
designed to satisfy even the strictest dietary restrictions. Next, you place your order online or by calling
their hotline. After this, you can customize your order using your account on myBistroMD platform. After
everything is done, you will receive your individualized order, and you can start your weight loss journey.
The program also provides weekly support materials (such as tips for weight loss, causes of weight gain,
etc) from behavioral therapists, and offers access to highly experienced dietitians. This program is
particularly ideal for those who are trying to lose weight, menopausal women, seniors, and those with
very restrictive diets. 
Bistro MD’s prices vary depending on the type of food you choose to order. The price will also depend on
the type of plan you choose. Currently, the 5 day plan costs about $129 a week, and the 7 day plan costs
about $159 a week. Compared to most of the other weight loss meal delivery programs, this program is
very reasonably priced considering that you’ll get high quality meals, healthy ingredients, relatively large
portion sizes, quality customer support, and many other benefits. 
BistroMD Coupon Codes 
Now you can knock a substantial amount off your order with coupon code SAVE25BONUS. 
-They offer various different plans designed for people from all walks of life.
-They offer balanced nutrition which makes weight loss safe and effortless.
-The meals are prepared by professional, highly skilled chefs.
-You can enjoy individualized meals that are delivered right to your doorstep.
-They offer reliable individualized expert support to help you reach your weight loss goals. 
-The meals are delivered frozen.
– The quality and taste varies from meal to meal. 
BistroMD is a program worth trying if you want to lose weight without compromising on food quality and taste. 

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