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Friday, August 25, 2017

Aravinda Aromatherapy Bracelet Review

MOJO is our latest innovation, it's a motivational bracelet that engages your senses by combining aromatherapy and color therapy, into a slap bracelet. MOJO uses a unique super absorbent microfiber material, that captures your essential oil, and diffuses it around you throughout the day,
It has a waterproof neoprene layer, that avoids contact with your skin, preventing any irritation that some highly concentrated oils might cause. A stainless steel band, that makes it gently wrap around your wrist. And a final soft microfiber layer for a comfortable wear.

I received 2 of the Mojo Aromatherapy Slap Bracelets in exchange for an honest review.


My Review

I love to use aromatherapy for things like sleep, stress and when I feel illness coming on. I feel like aromatherapy is usually limited to what I can do at home with my diffusers and what can be used on my skin. These Mojo Slap Bracelet make it easy for me to use the essential oils I love no matter where I am or how busy I am. 

The colors of the bracelets have meaning. I received the "Inspired" (green color) and "Relaxed" (blue color). I definitely need some inspiration and relaxation in my life lately. You can use any type of essential oil on these, and the scent stays with you all day long. I use lavender on my blue bracelet when I'm feeling a bit too wired and when I'm having trouble sleeping. These fit snugly on my arm and are not uncomfortable at all.

These bracelets will be on Kickstarter soon. You can keep up with the updates when that happens here:

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