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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

6 Free tricks that will help you quit smoking in 2017

6 Free tricks that will help you quit smoking in 2017

Quitting smoking may seem as a really hard thing to do. And truth be told, it is!
This is a really strong addiction and for most people it is something that is unobtainable. But this is only negative thinking!

There are really easy ways that can help you quit smoking without having to rely on support groups that will take your privacy or some hospital treatment.

It is possible to quit smoking through sheer power of will and few little tricks that you need to obey each and every day.

Without further ado, let’s check these new, six free tips that will help you deal with your addiction once and for all!

1. You need to be mentally and physically prepared

This is something that most smokers that to forget. In order to fight an addiction, especially one as strong as this, you need to have your head in the game. First of all, you need to decide that this is the right thing for you. Half-measures will get you nowhere so it’s necessary to be in it to win it. Besides that, it is very important that you’re mentally and physically stable. If you’re in a bad period of your life, it will be really hard to quit as stress would cause you to constantly relapse.

2. Create an environment that will help you quit

With this, I am mostly referring to the fact that you need to get rid of everything that would remind you of smoking. This also includes some small memorabilia. Have in mind that this process is much harder if you’re constantly thinking about cigarettes. Every thought or “itch” makes it really easy to relapse.

3. Think about nutrients

Most smokers associate cigarettes with some food or drink. For example, there are a lot of those who are social smokers and find it easy even desirable to smoke while together with friends in a café. This is usually due to the fact that they like things such as coffee or alcohol together with their cigarettes. Have in mind that vices go really well together and by quitting one you are also making it easier to quit the other. Try to eat healthier as well. As you improve your diet and make it better, it will be increasingly hard to introduce something that is unhealthy.

4. Sports and physical activity

There are a lot of activities that can help deal with your addiction. So, why are sports important for quitting? Situation is very similar to that which happens when you introduce nutrients. Sport requires a lot of air to be performed on a high level. It takes a lot from of you. As you start training, it becomes harder to breathe due to the nicotine in your lungs. However, if you focus on training and continue doing it no matter what, sooner than later you will perceive smokes as nuisance which you need to get rid of.

5. Alternatives to smokes

There are a lot of different ways to substitute smokes and tobacco. One of the best ones are chewing gums (regular or special ones). Patches are also a popular solution. Nevertheless, it seems that e- cigarettes provide the best solutions to your issue. Given that they have vape juice, they are much more natural than cigarettes based on nicotine. Although they are not 100 % healthy, they are a good way to slowly remove cigarettes from your daily life.

6. Help from your family

There is no need to contact professional assistance or support when you have support group in your own home. Turning to your family is perhaps the best way to dealing with any form of addiction. Here, I am not only talking about emotional support but also to having them around and spending time with them. Simply put, as you invest more and more time into your family and try to socialize, you will think less about smokes.

With these easy tips you will successfully quit smoking. These steps are rather easy and can be implemented at home. They come down to your mental disposition and how you deal with your issues. If you had some similar obstacle in your life that you had to overcome, this method can also be used for cigarettes.

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