Kobrand Caposaldo Wine Review

Kobrand holds a leadership position in the fine wine and spirits arena that spans more than sixty years. Founder Rudy Kopf cultivated ground-breaking relationships with many of Europe’s leading houses as early as the 1930s and started Kobrand in 1944, bringing to the American market some of the world’s highest-quality, most sought-after wines and spirits.
Kobrand’s portfolio includes virtually every major fine wine region of the world, encompassing distinguished classics from the Old World as well as exciting new expressions from emerging regions. Our ability to sift through the trends to bring you only gems of impeccable quality is second to none.

I received the above pictured items at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
My Review
I am always excited to get new Caposaldo varieties of wine to review! I have never not been impressed. I received the Sparkling Peach, Prosecco and Moscato this time. The package arrived quickly and was well packed and protected so the bottles arrived unharmed.
The first one I tried was the Sparkling Peach. I loved the bottle and the pretty Peach color. This is a light, bubbly, sweet wine with the perfect amount of peach flavor. This is not too sweet, but you can definitely taste the peach. It’s fizzy and fun to drink!
I love almost any Moscato but this Moscato from Caposaldo is high on my list of favorites. Again, I love the bottles these wines are packaged in. The blue bottles especially are great for decorating and crafts after they are empty. This Moscato has a nice light and sweet taste and is sparkly and fizzy.
I have heard of Proseco but have not actually tried it before. This Proseco reminds me a little bit of champagne. It has a light and bubbly taste and is a little sweet. I would buy this again for special occasions and celebrations for those friends and family who maybe don’t like champagne.
Kobrand offers a wide range of wines and liqueurs for every taste. Check them out at the links below!

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