Effective ways of doing potty training for puppies

Effective ways of doing potty training for puppies

No matter how good you are or how experienced with dogs, the fact remains that you will always encounter some issues during puppy potty training. It will always get messy. However, like with anything else, there are easier and harder ways to do it.
When you do puppy potty training properly, not only are you teaching your dog how to relieve itself outside but you are also creating a meaningful bond. This is where most dog owners go wrong thinking that puppy potty training is nothing more than a hindrance.
This is not quite true as potty training sets up the basis for any future training you might do with your dog. Not only that; if you do it right, you are also able to build its discipline.

Some simple tips to training your puppy

Now, let’s go over some basics:
· Make sure to always wake up before you dog. Given that puppy is an instinctive being, the first thing it will do in the morning is pee itself. Unfortunately, it will also pee the rest of your home. That means you have to be fast and act preemptively. When a dog gets the urge (whether it’s in the morning or some other part of the day) you already have to be outside and facilitate relieving process
· Your dog loves you. Puppies are really cuddly and emotion. That doesn’t mean you should pet it in the morning. Whenever you pet your puppy it gets quickly excited, its bladder weakens and it may relieve itself on the spot. So be careful
· Dog’s diet is paramount for potty training. As I said, you are the one that needs to predict dog’s need and go out when required. If you do not do so, your dog will develop a habit of urinating and pooing all over your home. You can prevent this by having regular meals. This also means you should avoid treats and any nibbling. When puppy is done, make sure to remove the bowl even if there is still some food left in it
· After a meal, you need to go outside. Most dogs require from few minutes to half an hour to digest food. Rest require from 30 to 60 minutes. At first, make sure to go out immediately after a meal preventing any accidents. When you learn how your dog’s metabolism behave, it will be easier to time walks
· No matter what happens, do not punish your dog. Physical and mental abuse can have a long term and even disturb dog’s development. Worst thing yet is that the puppy will remember and it will have disastrous impact on your relationship
· Make sure to go out once again prior to sleeping. Like babies, puppies need to sleep with an empty stomach and bladder. Otherwise, accident may occur during the night
· Lastly, make sure to enjoy your training time. It will mainly come down to a walking routine and shouting some instructions. Nevertheless, it is an important part of dog’s life and if done properly will affect everything you two do in the future.

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