Music Instruction Books for Beginners

Are you a beginning musician? If you are and are overwhelmed, don’t feel bad. It ‘s a completely natural feeling. Music is a vast and endless world with no real end result. One positive way to look at this is by knowing you can always get better, no matter how good you think you are. Music is the perfect art form for someone who is never satisfied. It presents an endless quest for the perfectionist because it can never be perfected.  
You may not be trying to get to Carnegie Hall, but the best way to get where you want to go musically is to practice as much as possible. The best musicians practice every day, making it a central part of their life. Just as important as how often your practice is how well you practice. Many beginners make the mistake of wasting what precious little time they have to devote to their instrument by not practicing efficiently. If you are trying to improve your practice regiment, here are some tips that can help take you to the next level. 
Eliminate Distractions – The more focused you are, the better your results will be. Put your phone away and get away from the TV when you are practicing so your mind can focus completely on the task at hand. Another thing to consider is how comfortable your practice space is. A relaxed body leads to a spongy mind ready to soak in information and retain it. 
Don’t Compare Yourself to Others – While music is an art form that we share with others, it’s also an inherently individual journey. Don’t let the success of other musicians deter you from practicing. Everyone learns at different speeds and in different ways. Most importantly, music is not a competition. Everyone has their own individual voice to share with the world.
Resources – Use every resource available to you on your quest. This will help you discover the method in which you learn best. A bevy of different educational tools like private lessons, music instruction books for beginners, and websites are available to help you get the most out of your learning experience. 
Remember, it’s not how long your practice, but how well your practice. Time is a commodity and you should avoid wasting it at all costs. A private teacher is the best way to do this because of their experience in the field and ability to identify your weakest areas. 

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