Glastic Water Bottle Review

We knew the ultimate water bottle had to be made of glass. Yet we also knew we had to make a glass bottle that was portable, break resistant, shatterproof, BPA free, toxin free and safe over-all to carry into public places. In other words, a worry-free glass water bottle…This was how Glasstic was born.
I received a Glasstic Personalized Water Bottle at no cost to facilitate this honest review.
“Because I’m the Mom”
“And I Said So That’s Why”

My Review
I love reusable water bottles. i have many different kinds in all materials, colors, shapes and designs. I have to say this bottle from Glasstic is one of my favorites though. This bottle is truly shatterproof. I know, I’ve dropped it a few times now. The glass insert is well protected by the plastic shell. The funnest thing about this bottle is that i was able to customize it with printing on the bottle. The design possibilities are pretty extensive with pre made designs, design your own, or just plain bottles if that’s what you are looking for. Glasstic offers a unique addition to their design options with their design insert sheets. You can choose a different design every day, and they easily slide in and out without a lot of extra effort. For my uses, the lid is great and I have not had any spills. This bottle is easy to take apart and wash also. Like I said, I have a lot of water bottles, but this is by far a favorite!

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