GettysGear Coffee and Cigar Review

Through Great Gettysburg Addresses™ we want to share our experiences of the one-of-a-kind establishments that our hometown has to offer while introducing you to some of our unique products.
I received the Cigar Assortment Combo with Hand-Cast Ashtray and the Quartermaster Blend coffee to facilitate my unbiased review.

My Review
My husband was excited to get this package from GettysGear with the coffee and cigars. We are huge coffee drinkers in our house. My husband smokes cigarettes and cigars, so he couldn’t wait to try these cigar samples.
The coffee was amazing! We have had coffees before that claim to have certain blends of flavors, but this is one of the few times that we were truly impressed. The coffee smells amazing when brewing, and tastes even better. From the first sip we were both hooked. We could really taste the pop of the cinnamon and rum and could tell there were other underlying flavors. The coffee is robust but not too dark and does not need extras to enjoy!
My husband really loved the cigars as well. I don’t smoke so I can’t speak to the flavor of the cigars, but i can attest to the fact that they smell amazing, if you like the smell of cigars like I do of course. My husband said they are very good, and he has really enjoyed the different flavors.
The ashtray is heavy, hand cast aluminum that will last a very long time. My husband and the neighbor have been testing the cigars and ashtray for a week or two now and have no complaints!

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