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Friday, April 21, 2017

What Housewives Should know about Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner

The days of clunky, heavy vacuum cleaners are over with the introduction of the modern-day lightweight vacuum cleaners. Anyone who has had to use the old-style vacuum cleaner can heave a huge sigh of relief. The next reaction would be more down-to-earth with concerns about how reliable and effective these lightweight vacuums are.

A company can slip a tiny microchip into a handheld gadget to allow it to perform multiple tasks at the same time. The chance of lightweight vacuum cleaners being able to carry the same, if not more, features is not inconceivable. Just think about the original mobile phones that came out in the early 1990s. Were they not something like walkie talkies bulky and heavy?

To be more specific though, aside from the weight, lightweight vacuum cleaners have a lot to offer.

Just look at what some of the newer models have.

What is robotic cleaner? Most of these vacuums have robotic functions. According to, it is relatively new technology for cleaning equipment, but robotics have been a part of our lives for many years already. Some simple robotic technology gadgets are remote control cars, robotic arms, clocks, and many of the medical and surgical equipment that doctors and hospitals use.


There are many advantages to having the option to purchase robotic lightweight vacuum cleaners such:

* Shorter working and cleaning periods
* Better time management
* Less stress since you don’t have to do all the cleaning
* More time for more important things like spending time with family and friends

These robotic vacuum cleaners have everything you need to clean: brushes, rechargeable batteries, and remote control. If you’re worried that a robot can suddenly turn into a monster that rips your home apart, don’t be. They are programmed to clean a pre-programmed area and once that particular area is done, it returns to its docking station. In brief, it is one dimensional. It will not deviate to another room or roll out the front door to disappear or create havoc on the world. These are well-programmed and extremely efficient machines that will only move when you command them to.
As far as cleaning capabilities, the lightweight vacuum cleaners are designed to be slim so that they can easily slip under beds, sofas, and chairs to vacuum properly. They are also able to maneuver around corners and furniture without scratching or bumping into them.

Not all lightweight vacuum cleaners are robotic. Some are just lighter than the “old school” vacuums. These are still very effective depending on the brand and model you select. Some are even capable of cleaning indoor air with hypoallergenic technology. A simple way of explaining this method is that it sucks in tiny dirt particles, trapping them in a filter before releasing clean air.

Whether you opt for a robotic lightweight vacuum cleaner or something that’s just not as heavy is a matter of personal choice and budget. Regardless, it is advised to eventually replace your heavy vacuum cleaner unless you need it for commercial purposes. The heavy vacuum cleaners will soon be obsolete and difficult to repair, not to mention them having fewer parts available. 

Finally, the lightweight vacuum cleaners will not cause unnecessary stress on the body, and that counts for a lot when you have an entire house or apartment to clean regularly.

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