Magnetic Cell Phone Holder Review

THE MOST COMPACT MAGNETIC CELL PHONE HOLDER FOR CARS: Forget bulky, inconvenient phone holders that destroy the image of your car or block your car vents. The WhiteMountain cell phone holder for cars features the most compact and discreet design, making it the best car cell phone holder for your vehicle. Along with its elegant rose gold color, this cell phone mount for cars is a must have car accessory for any stylish car. Great Gift Idea For Men and Women.
HASSLE FREE INSTALLATION: To install this great phone car mount to your car, just press the adhesive firmly to the dashboard and attach the metal ring to your phone or to its case. Use your new phone holder to any flat surface in your car and you are ready to go!
I received a magnetic cell phone holder from White Mountain to facilitate this review.

My Review
This magnetic cell phone holder was very easy to install in my car. The magnetic disc attached easily and firmly to the back of my Galaxy S7. With the disc attached to my phone, the magnetic cell phone mount holds my phone where I can see it and access the gps as needed. The magnet is very strong, and my phone has not fallen off at all as of yet. The mount attached to my dashboard with no problem, and has not slid or shifted at all. Everything stays exactly where I need it to. This cell phone mount also rotates so I can adjust my phone to the perfect position. This mount is sleek and does not look bulky or out of place on my dashboard. The rose gold color is shiny and looks great in my smoke grey and black vehicle. I love this item!

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