Backpack Wine Review

Introducing Backpack Wine® in Cheeky Rose® and Snappy White®. For the first time, great-tasting, quality wine is offered in a take-anywhere, easy-open, recyclable can. Available in four-can packs of rosé and white wine blends sourced from the finest vineyards, Backpack Wine lets you skip the cork, grab a pack and take quality wine with you, no matter how far off (or on!) the beaten path you want to go.
I received a 4 pack of each flavor at cost to facilitate the review.
My Review
I am not exactly a wine officianado, but I do love a nice cold glass of white or rose with dinner every so often. I prefer wine over beer, but wine can be difficult to tote along on more laid back outings, like the lake or beach. The recyclable cans make these wines fun, sharable, and portable. I prefer sweeter wines like Moscato and Reisling. The Cheeky Rose and Snappy White that I received are not quite as sweet as I’m used to, but I really like the flavors of both. The 4 packs of Backpack Wine are also priced to be budget friendly. I will definitely be buying more of these Backpack Wines for summer!

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