Amrita Sen Designs Review

 Vibrant, intricate collections that lend an Eastern perspective to Western art. Gift collection, Bags, Jewelry, Clothing and Home Decor.
I received the Cosmic and Eternal Love Coloring Book and a beautiful 3 strand bracelet at no cost to facilitate this review.




My Review
I love to color to relax. I have a lot going on in my life so it’s nice to take a few moments for myself to relax. This coloring book has 98 beautiful pages that tell a beautiful Hindu myth about love. The designs are intricate, India themed patterns that you will not see in any other coloring book. The designs vary from realistic to abstract. I love getting lost in the story and the scenes and just blocking out the outside world for awhile.
These designs are great for pencil, gel pens and markers. I can’t wait to finish some of these and see the end result.
Along with the coloring book I also received a gorgeous 3 strand bracelet themed from the same designs in the coloring book. The bracelet is just too pretty for words. The clasp is magnetic, so I can take it off and put it on without struggle or help. The strands are strong enough to hold up to regular wear, but look dainty and pretty on my hand. The bracelet catches the light and shimmers.

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