Wipenote Review

Whether You are a graphic artist, architect, designer, musician or simply a “tree hugger”- stay flexible with your needs of      managing information, ideas and sketches. And it lasts forever. Just wipe it and start again. Ask your kids,they know that.
    Award-winning, original artwork cover art to enjoy
 Ring binding allows for relocation of pages within seconds
 Buy additional pages online- Grid,Lines,Blank
     Buy additional markers online
  More pages than competitors (50 instead of the regular 40) 
 Only takes seconds for ink to dry
  Safely place hands over work without smudging
    Wipe away with a damp towel or whiteboard  spray cleaner
    Feel good by saving trees

I received 2 Wipenote notebooks at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
My Review
I am a pen and paper addict. I have tons of different pads of paper, notebooks and pens. I love to use sticky notes and make reminder lists. I do admit I feel bad sometimes for wasting so much paper though. These dry erase notebooks are the coolest things I have seen in a very long time. These are very well put together and don’t feel like they will fall apart easily. The notebooks are the perfect size for home and office, and the smaller one fits nicely in my purse for making notes on the go. These come with dry erase markers, but you can use any dry erase color you want, and the pages easily wipe clean so you can use these a million times over and over. The designs on the cover are beautiful to look at and are eye catching. The covers make these feel more sophisticated than carrying around a plain old note pad. I love these notebooks and would definitely buy more!

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