Watchitude Review

A fresh new take on a retro idea. Our Slap Watch gives a nod to the slap bands we all loved while growing up. Cool & unique designs for every personality!
We received a Watchitude Slap Watch at no cost in exchange for review.
My 9 year old is pretty rough on his belongings. He’s getting really good at telling time on watches and clocks that are not digital. He is also a Lego fanatic. I knew he would love this watch with this design. The band is about 9 inches, and is a slap watch. He can easily put this on his arm, and take it off whenever he wants without any hassle. The face and the hands are a nice size that he can read easily. The quartz movement keeps the watch on time, and this watch is moisture resistant to rain and sweat. This is not waterproof though. The watch is easy to set. With the Watchitude watches you can change out the bands, the watch piece slides off the band easily. My son loves this watch!

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