Ruby Tuesday Endless Garden Bar Review

Celebrating Tuesday every day of the week with mouth-watering dishes.
Keeping those New Year’s resolutions just got a lot easier thanks to Ruby Tuesday’s new Endless Garden Bar.  Ruby Tuesday has an all-new, expanded Endless Garden Bar with more than 55 tantalizing ingredients – nearly double the number of items offered on the previous Garden Bar – at all locations. Ruby Tuesday’s new Garden Bar features more than a dozen new fruits and vegetables, premium cheeses, a variety of crunchy toppings and eight dressings that are now all made in-house with carefully selected ingredients. With this incredible variety of high-quality ingredients, everybody will be able to create their perfect salad … as many times as they want.
Additions such as shredded kale, chopped romaine, artichoke hearts, roasted corn and edamame are just a few of the new items alongside such lasting favorites as diced cucumbers and onions, sliced baby ‘bella mushrooms, diced eggs, crumbled feta and chopped bacon.
Eight new dressings made in-house are crafted to make any Garden Bar creation better than it’s ever been. New Garden Herb Ranch improves on a classic guest favorite, while other distinctive choices such as Cilantro Lime Vinaigrette and Raspberry Poppyseed Vinaigrette are unique, delicious and exclusive to Ruby Tuesday.
We received gift cards to try Ruby Tuesday’s Endless Garden Bar in exchange for an honest review.

We love to go out to eat for family dinner, and we have a few tried and true spots that have become our favorites. We have not eaten a lot at Ruby Tuesday in the past, so I was excited to get to try their new Endless Garden Bar when we went to dinner last week. The salad bar was prominent in the front of the restaurant when we walked in the doors. The items on the salad bar looked fresh and it was laid out in a really nice way. There are options to have the salad bar as your main course, or as a side to an entree. I chose it as a side to entree. I was impressed with how fresh everything not only looked, but tasted. They also have options I don’t see on other salad bars. I’m a little picky, so my salad was pretty small and simple, but still tasted amazing. The dressing was delicious as well, and tasted better than most of the bottled brands I usually use. I was very impressed with the Endless Garden Bar as well as the drinks and main entrees we all enjoyed. Ruby Tuesday’s will definitely remain on our list of family dinner destinations.

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