Moore’s Sauces and Marinade Review

It all began in a family-owned steakhouse with our Original Marinade. Today, with our ever-expanding line of marinades and sauces, we provide #MooreFlavor for any cooking occasion. Share and enjoy!
We received the Moore’s Blue Cheese Buffalo Wing Sauce at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
My husband is a chicken and chicken wing fanatic. Any kind of chicken that can be marinated, or fried and dipped, is high on his list of favorite foods. He is especially partial to hot sauces and anything with blue cheese in it, or that can be dipped in blue cheese. This Moore’s Blue Cheese Buffalo Wing sauce is a perfect combo. The buffalo sauce is tamed by the blue cheese a bit, so even myself and my kids can enjoy the flavor without feeling like our mouths are burning. You only have to use a little bit of this to get a whole lot of flavor. I’m actually not a big buffalo sauce fan, but this wing sauce from Moore’s is something I would keep buying and using! 

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