DLC Laboratories Product Review

From day one, more than half a century ago, DLC Laboratories, Inc. has been dedicated to bringing high quality health & personal care products to families like yours.  Dependability is our hallmark.  For generations we’ve offered proven products the whole family can use with comfort and confidence.
I received a variety of products from DLC Laboratories at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
I received a variety of products from DLC Laboratories. I am impressed with the products sent to me from this company. We have a variety of skin care issues and needs in our house. We received the Arnica Salve, Camphor Ointment, Glycerin & Rose Water, Vitamin E lotion and Tea Tree and Jojoba Oil. This is almost everything you need for any skin care issue that may arise.
The Arnica Salve is great for dry, itchy, scaly skin areas, and is really good for cuts, burns and bites, which we get a lot of where we live. My boys play outside every day so there is always a scratch, cut, bite or other boo boo to take care of. A little bit of this goes a long way and the scent is not strong at all. This has also done wonders for my heels and elbows.
The Camphor Ointment is my husbands favorite product. He works outside a lot and tends to end his days with sore muscles. This ointment provides him immediate relief. This rubs in completely and does not stain his clothes.
The Glycerin & Rose Water is a nice skin cleanser for my face before I go to bed at night. I love the scent, and it’s light and does not leave my skin dry or greasy.
The Vitamin E lotion is great for my dry hands, and keeps my cuticles soft and my hands feeling great. The lotion is great for applying right after a shower. My skin feels amazing and smells nice too.
The oils are handy for so many different uses. I literally could not live without my Tea Tree oil, I use this for too many things to list, from antiseptic to aromatherapy when we are sick with colds. I love essential oils and use them in place of chemicals whenever I can.
I am thoroughly impressed and love these products I got!

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